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Federal health minister hopes Rob Ford gets help but ‘won’t pass judgment’


CALGARY – Canada’s Health minister says she hopes embattled Toronto mayor gets help but says she isn’t going to pass judgment on him.

Rona Ambrose says Rob Ford needs to come to terms with the fact that he has publicly stated he has a zero tolerance for drugs and then look at his personal life.

She says the mayor has indicated he is getting assistance and everyone hopes that he gets the help that he needs.

Ambrose admits it’s a touchy subject because no one wants to judge someone who is going through a very tough time.

She says she hopes he turns to his family and personal support system.

Ambrose didn’t say if she was concerned that Ford was setting a bad example for members of the general public.


Federal health minister hopes Rob Ford gets help but ‘won’t pass judgment’

  1. No, conservatives only pass judgement on non-conservatives. They don’t want to lose the votes of the Ford Nation. Pathetic.

  2. She hopes he turns to his family – the same family who thinks his only problem is his weight. What a stupid statement.

    • no actually this is the correct statement. for instance, when dealing with a person who suffers from depression. you dont critize and quickly judge them.. it only makes things worse especially if you have never personally suffered through what they did. alcoholism is a disease and should be treated in such a manner. baseless gossip and being critically cynical is also a disease, of the social variety

      • But how does this explanation square with Ambrose and her government’s over the top tough on crime stance with un-famous, nameless addicts? Only wealthy high-profile addicts FROM THE SAME POLITICAL BASE escape her judgement? Interesting, that.

      • If she had simply said something along the lines of “I hope he gets some help” I wouldn’t have a problem. But his brother, sister & mother are publicly on record as saying he doesn’t have a problem.

  3. Fix or Repair Daily
    Found on a Road Dead.

    Those are acronyms usually applied to the automobile make, not the man. Let’s all hope that it remains this way.

    As much as I despise him, I wish him the best. May he enter a rehab soon, and restore himself to a healthy state of mind and body.