Federal NDP gains ground in British Columbia


British Columbia is the newest province to fall under the spell of the federal New Democratic Party. A recent Angus Reid poll shows 40 percent of the province supports the party, up from 35% in June 2012, according to the Vancouver Sun

Conservative support in the province has fallen from 37 to 34 per cent. The federal party received 46 per cent support in British Columbia during the 2011 election.  

The NDP’s strong pro-environment stance, and strong opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline, is particularly popular among West Coast voters. While Tom Mulcair has high personal approval ratings in British Columbia, the party also may be benefiting from the popularity of local MPs Libby Davies, a deputy leader, and Nathan Cullen, whose leadership bid received unprecedented support this spring.  

With BC expected to receive six additional seats in the 2015 election, BC voters could prove to be the deciding factor in the NDP’s attempt to form a government.

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Federal NDP gains ground in British Columbia

  1. I don’t think you mean “unprecedented”. Unless you specify why you think it’s without precedent, your sentence means that the level of support he got was unprecedented, which obviously isn’t the case.

  2. Angus Reed will have to repeat the poll because it was conducted before so many federal employees benefited from an unexpected windfall. For example, if you kept your job and also received thousands in severance pay, you would be sure to vote Con. Or if you are a laid-off environmentalist and your next few years are going to be a comfortable combination of double benefits amounting to many thousands of dollars, legislated extended EI benefits and assured job training for free for everyone, would you vote against them? Or even speak negatively in public about them? Money might not buy happiness, but it can buy loyalty (and just did), so this survey is no longer an accurate representation of voter preferences…

    • Well that’s it folks… pork-barrel Ernest here has bought B.C. with their own tax money.

      No sense polling anymore…B.C. is wrapped up. After all…who needs clean drinking water and bio-diversity when some gov’t employees are getting EI benefits extended?

      Everyone in B.C. should be grateful to their leader in Alberta for allowing some of them to collect their own employment insurance money back! So visionary! So bold!

      No Ernest, the truth is that you and your sycophant spin-doctors in Alberta are going to be removed from the trough. No amount of slop spilling over the sides is going to stop that.

      Prepare for that fact.

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