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Federal scientists launch website as government tightens its media controls

Government criticized for limiting what they can say about their research, and how


Federal government scientists have launched a website to show their work. The launch comes just weeks new restrictive rules affecting those at the National Resources department were revealed, the Globe and Mail reports. The new rules require approval from a minister’s director of communications before they can speak to reporters about their work. Reporters and scientists from all sorts of departments know the government has discouraged open communication between employees and the media unless prior approval has given. The union representing federal government scientists launched its website, PublicScience.ca, which features interviews with scientists, experts and Canadians. It called the government’s decision to end the mandatory long-form census the latest step in a trend away from policy making based on evidence.

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Federal scientists launch website as government tightens its media controls

  1. That's unbelievable. Especially with their catch phrase "A Science That Protects You." As if any national policies have been derived from evidence to begin with. That just translates into "A Science We Control," as in the United States catastrophy of Internet Blacklisting/Control: http://demandprogress.org/ Stop cencorship of the internet by entirely controlling and erasing not just certain information or opinions, but entire Sites to be "blacklisted"?!
    "Avoid cencorship by erasing information," "Protect citizens and policy by controlling the public access to Scientific findings."
    Seems to be that the US and Canada alike are moving further and further toward an Orwellian Society completely… where The Ministry of Peace deals with War, The Ministry of Love deals with torture, and as we are already previewing here, The Ministry of Truth is responsible for the falsification of public record. It's particularly insulting when the control of science is advertised as a favor to Canadian citizens, protecting them from "policies" that the Government itself implemented..
    This was very interesting. Thank You!

  2. I love it. This is a great idea.

  3. The PMO has no power to do so. As civil servants, and not political stff, scientists do not answer directly to the political side.

    It will be interesting to see if the directors have the cojones to stand up to their political counterparts.

  4. Harper's government has had a love/hate with the media since 2006 when Harper refused to speak to reporters that he did not like. He's always done his best to control the image of his government and himself by avoiding any sort of criticism.

    Now we are actually viewing censorship of our scientists. What this also shows with them starting their own website, is that it's not acceptable and they won't tolerate it. I look forward to being a long time reader of publicscience.ca

  5. Leftist loudmouths live from the charity of others through welfare programs – if they didn't, they would realize that no employees of any company are allowed to go shooting their mouths off about their work, that's how it works when you have an actual job.

    And these employees of the government are no different, if they want the world to know their opinions they can get off the government payroll and say whatever the heck they want, are these 'scientists' not smart enough to understand that? If not, they should be fired.

    • The Government of Canada belongs to the people of Canada, the employees of the Government of Canada are employees of the people of Canada, and the people of Canada have aright to know what our employees are doing.

      The elected policiticans are also employees of the peopleof Canada, and it's time we fired the Harperite idiots before they do more damage to Canada.

  6. Herr Harper is at again. The future is indeed dark if this control fixated dictator remains in office. I hope he does not ask CISS to visit me.

  7. I do applaud the initiative but it losts its credibility by using it as a political tool by special interest groups. What a shame, it could have possible merits.