Fergie accused of offering access to Prince Andrew for cash

Duchess is filmed seemingly making a 500,000 pound deal for a line to her ex and his trade contacts


In an undercover sting, UK paper News of the World has recorded of a video of Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, in which she seemingly accepts 40,000 pounds in cash and makes a deal for another 500,000 pound wire transfer, in return for her promise to open doors to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. The paper claims Andrew, UK Special Representative for Trade and Investment, does not know about the claims Fergie is making in his name. In the video, Fergie meets with what she apparently thinks is a rich businessman and offers up, “Look after me and he’ll look after you. . . you’ll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want.” The paper says she agreed to a private meeting with their reporter, who was posing as an international tycoon, without once checking his credentials.

News of the World

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Fergie accused of offering access to Prince Andrew for cash

  1. So is this news?!

  2. Really. Of course Andrew was in on it. They should tar and feather both of them and drum them out of England.

  3. Ho Hum .How is this news? Liberals and corruption is hardly something new.

    • The royal family are liberals? Puh-leeze. They are the definition of conservatives.

      No drinking before posting there genius.

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