Ferrero must pay for suggesting Nutella is a healthy breakfast food


Nutella may be delicious breakfast food, but it isn’t healthy breakfast food, an American class-action settlement has concluded. This week, Nutella-maker Nestle Ferrero settled with a group of people in California suing the company for advertising the chocolate-hazelnut spread as part of a nutritious breakfast, reports the Globe.

According to The Consumerist, Nestle Ferrero has agreed to pay $3 million for its naughtiness. Ads like this one were included as part of evidence for the law suit. (This ad, by the way, doesn’t mention the words “healthy” or “nutritious” at all.)

People who bought Nutella between January 1, 2008 and February 3, 2012, (August 1, 2009 AND January 23, 2012 if you live in California) can file a claim and join the class action, but will only share the $2.5 million pot that will be paid to consumers if they are willing to admit they can’t read a nutrition label.

A previous version of this story incorrectly identified Nestle as the manufacturer of Nutella. We regret the error.


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Ferrero must pay for suggesting Nutella is a healthy breakfast food

  1. Okay, I understand nutella isn’t the most nutritious, but compare it to the nutrition label on a jar of peanut butter, granted, the PB has more protein, but the same size serving of PB has a lot more fat. Sure, you shouldn’t sit down and eat a whole jar of nutella, or probably even eat it every day, but honestly, there aren’t many foods that you should. Once again, moderation people.

    • I’d be more worried about feeding my kid heavy amounts of sugar than fat. Granted, Nutella has half the fat of PB, it also has 8x the sugar. It’s a lot easier to run off a little extra fat than it is to run off diabetes.

      • you should get more informed on the onset of type 2 diabetes and you will soon realize that a healthy active regime is the key to good health. Not the psuedo good “processed” foods that are being shoved down our gullets.

  2. Peanut butter is omega 6 healthy fat… and Nutella has a pile more carbs then PB. Carbs/starches and sugars make america fat. Not eating fat. Stop being brain washed by big media and the low fat fad.

    Its quite simple… doesnt matter what you eat. If you eat more calories in a day then you expend you give get fat. Go get off your lazy butts.

  3. Nutella Canada ingredient list shows 19 grams of Nutella has 11 grams of sugar. Very nutritious!

    • as much as breakfast cereal do

      • …and guess what? Alot of breakfast cereals aren’t that good for you either!

  4. I simply can’t believe that someone would win a case based on stupidity. You fed your husband and kid this and then sued because you found out it was full of sugar…basically you passed the buck to someone else is what you did lady, not taking responsibility for your own stupidity. Let’s face it you can taste the sugar, you can read the ingredients. The blame for obesity can only be pointed at ourselves..we can choose to eat better, we can choose to burn more calories and get more exercise. Take some responsibility for yourself.

  5. “My coffee burned me, why didn’t you warn me it wasn’t room-temperature…

    …and why Can’t chocolate be healthy for breakfast and when it rains it doesn’t drop water but chocolate pebbles.

    Waaah, the world owes me something…

    Give me money!”

    -Signed a stupid lawsuit claiment

  6. Meanwhile, the Nutella commercials shown here continue to suggest that it’s the most nutritious food your child’s body and brains can have for breakfast. “Guess who had Nutella for breakfast?”, they ask, as they shows kids performing all sorts of prowesses.

    The least we could do is ban this sort of misleading message.

  7. people, by now you should know that whatever or wherever there is $$$ involved, you will be lied to, we need to use our own judgement, more than ever!

  8. NUTELLA IS the most nutritious and healthy product that has ever existed. I read the label and the ingredients and NOBODY has said anything about it, because the NATURAL INGREDIENTS ARE REAL. Now, people would be ready to say they can see a crocodile moving in the label to be able to get some money out of it… SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!! DISGUSTING…. REALLY!

  9. A person would swear on a bible that Nutella was healthy because it tastes lousy enough to fit the bill.

  10. Nutella has Hydrogenated oils which are TRANS FATS, Deadly.

  11. Umm listen VERY CAREFULLY to that commercial. Never do they claim that Nutella is healthy or in any way good for you.
    “Delicious hazelnut spread that is perfect on multi-grain toast” – It can go on toast. No false advertising here.
    “A quick and easy way to give my family a breakfast they’ll want to eat” – again, no health claim. just a tasty spread to get kids to eat whole wheat toast.
    “made with quality ingredients” – true, but to be fair, so are deep-fried candy bars.
    “they love the taste, and i feel good that they’re ready to tackle the day” a day is pretty easy to tackle after eating breakfast; even more so with a sugar high.

    It is the same thing with sugary cereals. They never claim to be good for you, but claim that they can ‘be part of a complete breakfast’. Notice the word ‘part’? It is the same as saying “air freshener; part of a complete automobile”. It’s really just an option, but it CAN be in there.

  12. I grew up on Nutella and am very healthy. Lets just live in moderation, get up and enjoy life and stop suing everyone we possibly can.