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Fewer Canadians collecting EI, but jobless numbers grow

Ontario, B.C. are worst-hit provinces


Despite encouraging statistics on the number of Canadians collecting employment insurance, there has been an increase in new claims. According to Statistics Canada, the number of people receiving jobless benefits fell 2.4 per cent from July to August, but as economists have predicted, more Canadians are likely to receive pink slips in the coming months. After two months of decline, the number of new and renewal EI claims rose 8.2 per cent in August. The provinces with the biggest jump in new claims: Ontario and British Columbia. Overall, the number of people on EI has spiked 52.5 per cent in the past year, with the biggest increases among those living in major cities. In August, some 763,200 Canadians were collecting EI.

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Fewer Canadians collecting EI, but jobless numbers grow

  1. i'm sure that the reason that the EI numbers are down is because people have run out ot EI Benefits and have now ended up on the welfare roll. Interesting, that the powers that be would be trying to blow smoke….once again. But dont worry people who have CEO jobs etc dont appear to be in any danger but if you are in a union job with wages and benefits you better be saving for a rainy day or be looking for a minimum wage job to slip into when the pink slip comes.

  2. Capitalism SUCKS!

  3. I don't know, socialism probably sucks more ..not only do you end up impoverished under socialism but then the government has to take away peoples rights to keep them in control — see Cuba for example

  4. I think the must telling thing here is that the latest blarney and bafflegab from the "experts" gets only three comments. People who believe the recession/depression is over with millions out of a job and trillions in liquidity vaporized from the markets are likely snakeoil salesmen trying to get the last few pennies from suckers to prop up the latest stock market bubble or people who believe in the tooth fairy. Apart from that it appears the vast majority of people appear to have tuned it out altogether. Cheers.

    • Another alternative is that people are shell-shocked, or just too depressed to summon the energy to comment.

  5. hey wayne, do you follow the stock markets? the tsx went down to something like 6500 points but now it is 11000 or so ..those who bought while it was down made a killing…. i know i did a little buying …capitalism rules in my book