Final proof that Twitter isn’t hip

Yes, the middle-aged, not 19-year-olds, are driving this trend


It turns out 46-year-old Twitter aficionado Demi Moore fits the Twitter demographic perfectly. A new study by Web monitoring company comScore reveals that the average Twitter user is over 35, with people aged 45 to 54 even more likely than average to visit the Twitter site. Only 10 per cent of the 10 million Twitter users are aged 18 to 24, the survey found. And the older the Twitterer, the longer he or she spends Twittering: 35- to 44-year-olds spend nearly 20 minutes while 18 to 24-year-olds spend 5.3 minutes.


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Final proof that Twitter isn’t hip

  1. Joke’s on them. The 18-25 crowd doesn’t actually use the twitter site to “Tweet”
    They’re using Desktop apps, 3rd party web apps and their mobiles (aka iPhones)

    So their data is going to be slightly slanted towards the older gen who are behind the curve (No offense)

    • Oh…just let the old fogies think they were first to something for a change. Why beat them down further; they just lost a big chunk of retirement money there are going to need soon ;)

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