Finally, an excuse to wear my least sensible footwear!


UPPITYDATIER: The Globe and Mail checks in with its predictions: David Emerson stays put at Foreign Affairs; Christian Paradis gets a bigger-than-expected boost to Public Works, and Senator Michael Fortier heads off to International Trade with more than $400,000 worth of lovely parting gifts from donors who are now wondering whether they have to fork out cash to the new guy now as well.

UPDATE: Oh, what scamps. Turns out that a few mischievous and mercurial government sources were having a bit of fun with CTV’s parliamentary bureau, what with the big talk of a Prentice/Flaherty switcheroo in the works. Uh, no, says the most recent update from Canadian Press. In fact, David Akin may be right after all. Well, about everything except the actual swearing-in ceremony taking place in Quebec City rather than Rideau Hall. He still gets bragging rights, though, if David Emerson stays on at Foreign Affairs, with Christian Paradis taking over International Trade.

I will, of course, be liveblogging tomorrow’s cabinet shuffle, no matter how inconsequential it proves to be. Er, not that I’m predicting anything. I’ve given up the prediction business. Actually, I have to give my most heartfelt thanks to the Prime Minister for getting this out of the way sooner, rather than later, thereby sparing me and my journalistic ilk weeks of increasingly esoteric and random speculation.  “Helena Geurgis to Public Works!” “Jason Kenney to Fisheries!” “Lewis MacKenzie to Defence!” (Note: One of the preceding was an actual prediction before the last shuffle.)

Instead, we will trudge out to Rideau Hall, take our assigned spaces in the media pen, and wait to see how many ministerial limos pull into the driveway. Last time, Monte Solberg totally messed with our heads by showing up to watch his colleagues sworn in, but we’re onto you this time, minister. Of course, now that I’ve said that, he’ll probably turn out to be in line for Foreign Affairs or something.

Anyway, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, probably 10:30ish, and will provide breathless, minute-by-minute bulletins from Rideau Hall. It’ll be like television, without the pictures! Actually, if I get my camera phone working, I’ll try to provide those, too.

UPDATE: Yay, CTV-flavoured speculation! Their picks: Jim Prentice (of course) to Finance, Jim Flaherty  to Industry, Helena Geurgis back to the backest of the backbenches, and – Diane Ablonczy or Christian Paradis to International Trade? Huh.  The latter would seem, on the surface at least, to be distinctly more likely if the whole point to this exercise is to rebalance the cabinet to ensure sufficient representation from Quebec. I guess you could promote Ablonczy to Trade, and then stick Paradis in — whatever it is she does now as Secretary of State for Small Business and Tourism.

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Finally, an excuse to wear my least sensible footwear!

  1. I beg of you, just don’t dress in a way that inspires either Rex Murphy or Don Martin to say/write the word “décolletage.” It sounds so, so dirty.

  2. It seems like school has been let out.
    308 people are to be paid for 4 months
    for essentially doing nothing.
    And their wages can’t be described as

  3. CTV (i.e. Bob Fife aka Brodie’s Arse) is usually wrong. Emerson stays at Foreign, Ablo to Trade. There is no need to fill what she’s doing now.

  4. essentially doing nothing

    I suspect you’d be surprised to see some MPs schedules during this “time off”. They’re not all evil lazy-ass good-for-nothings you know. Most of them genuinely want to help their constituents.

  5. The shuffle is far less interesting than what Harper will be like in the autumn.

    Lets hope he loses some weight and bad attitude, gains some charisma and clothes sense, gets a nose job and finds talent to help him although he tends not to listen.

    Otherwise, he’ll be SOL come next election particularly since the Green Shift looks to draw persons from the CPC.

    But I’m not putting any money on his becoming a chastened politician in such short time. He probably had better go back and firewall his home in Calgary and stay the hell in it.

  6. Cabinet shuffle? What does it matter, Peter Van Loan or Perry Polliver will still answer all the questions in QP.

  7. A little mroe than the PM has hinted. Fortier to industry (if he raised $400,000 i’d suggest a serious audit), Ablonczy to Heritage, McKay to public works, Paradis to trade, Solberg to defence, just to keep it warm until Hillier arrives…

  8. dan in van:
    Hillier has too much personality, ego, and experience to be in a Harper cabinet. Wait a few years for him to be made GG.

  9. I think there is some tongue in cheekiness about some of these predictions…
    the only position that Helena Guergis is going to get this week is the “lean back over the sink miss – so we can change your hair colour again” position….

  10. David Akin? Didn’t he get fired after leaking that NAFTA information :^)))

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