Finally! BP says its new cap is working -

Finally! BP says its new cap is working

New cap should at least temporarily halt oil spill


Three months and nearly 200 million gallons of oil later, BP announced Thursday afternoon it has finally stopped the gushing from its deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico. BP vice president Kent Wells nonetheless says the cap that’s in place is only a test to see whether the well remains strong enough to withstand the pressure from the leak. However the new cap is believed to be the first realistic opportunity to cap the leak and at least limit the damage to the Gulf.

Miami Herald

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Finally! BP says its new cap is working

  1. Hopefully the cap will hold and the job of cleaning up the shorelines will not seem so futile. If the cap does hold, the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout will still be less than half the size of America's largest blowout which flowed nearly 100,000 BOPD for 18 months. An article about the Lakeview blowout can be found at:

  2. I would like to know if the reservoir that the well was drawing from has depressurized over the last 3 months. I don't suppose anyone has published numbers on this. I've heard estimates in the “hundreds-of-swimming-pools” range about volume of crude lost.

    If the reservoir pressure is down significantly from the beginning, it's possible that the “top kill” method they tried a while back may have worked today.

  3. Sounds like the petrocos backing away from BP are saying "you take responsibility for your own damn screwups first, then we'll talk"

  4. Hmm…. How long is temporary ?