Financial Crisis Stat of the Day


New York state receives about one fifth of its tax dollars from Wall Street.

Not NYC. New York state.


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Financial Crisis Stat of the Day

  1. Hmm. Seems a bit foolish to put all your eggs in the basket of taxation of corporations that happen to be in your jurisdiction. Jack, are you listening? Oh, never mind, your promises are bunk on arrival, mister applying-for-Harper’s-job.

  2. Ah, where’s Eliot Spitzer when ya need ‘im.

  3. I believe he is off tonight seeking, ah, comfort in a New Jersey hotel…

  4. Glad you’re up and around, myl. Your pattern is holding. You only come out at night.
    Family of Transylvanian origin ?

  5. Possible answers:

    Well, somebody’s gotta contribute to the economy and public coffers with a real 9-to-5 job.

    We right-wingers are allergic to sunlight and silver bullets. Wow, Sisyphus, you’re looking delectably pink tonight…

    Somewhere in between the two answers above.

  6. Better answer:

    Interesting question, my dear Sisyphus. Come over to my castle tonight for a, um, nightcap while we explore the answer.

  7. Not a chance, Sunshine. I’m not that kinda girl.

  8. New York State has been dependent on Wall St taxes for years. Upstate New York has been slowly dying over the past twenty years and now downstate is about to join the trend.

    New York is near the bottom in rankings of business friendly states, its regulations and laws tilt towards statism and now the golden goose has been cooked. Good luck with that combo, New Yorkers.

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