First Arab-American Miss USA? -

First Arab-American Miss USA?

24-year-old Michigan woman takes crown


Rima “Miss Michigan” Fakih won the 2010 Miss USA pageant last night. The 24-year-old Arab American was born in Lebanon, and raised in New York after her family emigrated to the United States when she was a young girl; she moved to Dearborn, Mich., in 2003. During the question segment of pageant, Fakih, who is Muslim but attended a Catholic high school and also celebrates Christian holidays, said that she believes birth control should be covered by health insurance. Fakih says she knew she’d won even before her name was called by the look Donald Trump, who co-owns the pageant, gave her: “That’s the same look that he gives them when he says, ‘You’re hired,’ ” on The Apprentice, his reality TV show. After winning the title, Fakih tripped and nearly fell on the train of her long white gown while taking her victory strut. When asked how she felt, Fakih replied, “Ask me after I’ve had a pizza.”

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First Arab-American Miss USA?

  1. This information is incorrect. Julie Hayek an Arab-American won Miss USA in 1982.

    • What they meant was that she is the first post-911 Arab-American Miss USA.

  2. oh snap! Ahmad knows his stuff. maybe the article writer should have used this new thing called GOOGLE before they went writing an article that…hundreds?…of people might read.

    • Julie Hayek was born in CA…. This makes her an American of Arab decent not and Arab-American. So, Rima is the first Arab-American to win the Miss U.S.A. pageant.

      • Most people considered to be African-Americans were born in America, I don't see the distinction of birthplace vs. ancestry as being relevant in that wording.

        • People can say that they are African-American, Irish American, or what ever, but if they were born in the US then they are American first and then the ancestry is listed. So the Writer was not wrong.

          • According to whose criteria? X-American is common usage for ancestry – the writer may be technically correct (again though, according to what? The census language?), but the wording in the article is misleading in that it implies that no one of Arab descent has won the competition.

  3. I don't think 'that look' has anything to do with hiring or firing…

  4. Julie Hayek is Lebanese-American but Christian, so she is not considered Arab-American.

    • So Christian Arabs aren't true Arabs? There have been Christian Arabs longer than there have been Muslim Arabs. So perhaps the Muslim Arabs are the not-really-Arab Arabs.

      In other words, I find your distinction offensive to my Christian Arab acquaintances.

      • Agreed.. I will make sure that I pass that along to our friend Al-Yasa (prounounced Elisha in English ) when my wife picks her up for Church this Sunday !

    • It says in the article that she's Muslim but attended a Christian school and celebrates Christian holidays, so she's not Christian (at least not according to the article)

  5. Who cares! She looks great in a bikini!

  6. There are Arab Christians… and most of them come from Lebanon. "Arab" is not a religion. In fact — Lebanon has a rather substantial Catholic population.

    • Yep, Maronite Catholics. They are known for using a version of Aramaic in their liturgy known as Syriac and for not following other Churches in the east in breaking with the Bishop of Rome.

      They are also known for their reverence of St. Daniel, as they find the image of being safe among the lions to be an appealing one.

      • "They are also known for their reverence of St. Daniel, as they find the image of being safe among the lions to be an appealing one. "

        Thanks for this tid-bit of information…I'm *totally* gonna pretend as if I always knew that in the near future :)

  7. Good for her on winning the title perhaps she and Sayeeda Warsi (first muslim woman to sit in British Cabinet ) can take on some of the controversial Muslim practices of forced marriges and female genital mutilation and change attitudes around.These women may embody the ideal marriage of East and West and encourage others to follow suit.

    • Hey Roy – female mutilation and forced marrige are NOT Muslim practices. These are CULTURALLY driven – more so these types of traditions are cemented over the years by CONTROL FREAK MALES!!!! Read that – TRUE ISLAM, from the time of the Final Messenger to Humanity Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) – did not justify these actions by putting them into practice – therefore – THESE ARE NOT ISLAMIC. For these beauty pageants – don't we have more global causes to spend our money and efforts on?

      • excusing barbarism as" not in the name of true islam" is clasic taqiya BS. the "prophet "himself was a practising pederast . Ask aliya how she felt about true islam. Arabic is the language of political islam and the practices of female mutilation and oppression have sp[read with it as part of the hadith and of course the 14th centry mindset of Sharia

  8. just saying…if there was a war or close to a war betwixt china and usa…there would be a miss china winner! gawd don't you just luv this logic!