First-degree murder charge for teen -

First-degree murder charge for teen

Toronto boy now quadriplegic, reports say


A 15-year-old boy has been charged with first-degree murder after the van he was at the wheel of crushed a police officer. York Regional Police Constable Garrett Styles was dragged by the minivan for about 300 metres before the van rolled on top of him. The van had snagged Styles after he had reached inside the vehicle for the keys when he discovered the van didn’t belong to any of the occupants inside during a traffic stop. The teen is still in hospital with serious injuries. Reports say the boy is now a quadriplegic. He is scheduled to appear in court July 7.

The Globe and Mail

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First-degree murder charge for teen

  1. The kid got a life sentence. He got a stiffer sentence from his injuries than whatever the lame court system would have given him.

  2. Would making his parents solely responsible for funding his care – instead of the state – be judicious?

    • Understandable sentiment in lieu of the accidental death of the cop. However; he’s a kid (yes, a child) who made a mistake, probably panicked when the cop reached for the keys. Like CanuckGuy said: He’s got a life sentence worth of consequence on him between a death of a cop and impairment in all his limbs.

      So, entertaining the thought of additional suffering, on the part of financial burden for heath costs, I think is just unnecessarily cruel. Our Health care system is universal for reason; no one can be discriminated against and denied quality of life. Even if the person is question killed someone by being young and stupid.

  3.  @ Agha
    Hold that thought. If he actually is sent to prison, the state has to care for him. Once out, his parents can have him. Don’t worry, he will not be a burden for long, he won’t spend much time in jail. However if his parents are welfare types, he will continue to be a burden.

  4. It is revolting that this15 year old who has caused so much anguish and pain to fallen police officer Garrett Styles and his grieving family.  Life has many twist and turns, this young lad will have the rest of his life to deliberate his regrettable actions.