First female PM elected in Denmark

Centre-left coalition squeaks by incumbents in tight race


A centre-left coalition has won a tight election in Denmark, giving the Scandinavian country its first female prime minister and quashing the decade-long rule of the centre-right. After counting 90 per cent of the votes, media declared a victory for the centre-left coalition, known as the red bloc, led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s Social Democratic Party. “We’ve written history today,” said Thorning-Schmidt said. The major issue in the election was the economy, with contenders putting forward different visions of how to tax and spend in the nation of 5.5 million. Thorning-Schmidt promised to raise taxes on Denmark’s banks and wealthiest citizens in order to finance a US$4 billion expansion of the welfare state and improve education and health care. By midnight Thursday, Thorning-Schmidt’s coalition had 89 seats, while the centre-right had 86.

The New York Times

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First female PM elected in Denmark

  1. Congratulations to the winner and all the participants.  Where would we be without people to step forward and volunteer to be abused by the press.  No wait, I didn’t mean that. 

    However, I must ask, has anyone ever heard of a winner squeaking by the incumbent in a loose race?  

  2. It must be the Moslems, they’re trying to impose a leftist agenda on Europe now.

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