First Nations want a gaming body -

First Nations want a gaming body

Aboriginal leaders lobby for national gambling commission


Native-run casinos are generating such a massive amount of revenue that First Nations leaders are now planning to set up a national commission on gaming to oversee their cash flow. The leaders are in talks at the annual meeting of the Assembly of First Nations in Winnipeg, where some representatives say they’re tired of battling with government authorities over jurisdiction and revenue sharing. “It’s all about sovereignty and jurisdiction and exerting that and occupying the field so that we can in turn have our own First Nations gaming act,” said Chief Perry Bellegarde of the Little Black Bear First Nation in Saskatchewan.

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First Nations want a gaming body

  1. Traditional aboriginal casinos with their sacred slot machines are spiritually important to aboriginal Chiefs – and they don't want to share the enormous profits with anybody, not even the average aboriginal. The Chiefs want the average aboriginal to be the government's 'problem' – that brings in even more money and includes power to run or ruin other people's lives.

  2. these cultural havens of cash on hand are an excellent body ready to be overtaken by mafia types and laundering facilities for ill gotten proceeds…who knows they could be funding subversives and terrorist groups and the outcome being prolonging the miserable lives of affected families, youth and seniors who are forgotten with the rags to riches mentality of everyone involved…on these basis there needs to be a government security watchdog totally autonomous of any affiliate organization but in tune with all international and national security forces and scrutiny…..this is serious and deadly business