First Tamil migrant released from detention -

First Tamil migrant released from detention

Pregnant woman let go to take care of her children


A pregnant woman is the first of 492 Tamil migrants who arrived by Thai cargo ship in Victoria earlier this summer to be released from detention. Lawyers for the woman successfully argued she should be freed in order to care for her three young children. The other detainees who arrived on August 13 aboard the MV Sun Sea are being held due to fears that some may have connections to the Tamil Tigers, an outlawed organization in Sri Lanka. All seek to remain in Canada as refugees.

Vancouver Sun

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First Tamil migrant released from detention

  1. Sorry but I can't be happy about this. As we are being told that there is no money for health care and may other things that us hard working Canadians have paid for all these years these people are receiving free health care, food, etc. They came here illegally. I will not support them. She now will probably sit on welfare and we will raise her children. This is unfair considering I have worked my whole life and raised mine by myself. The Canadian money pit is running low. What happens when we no longer have money. So very said. They are all criminals and are teaching their children to be a criminal by coming here illegally.

    • BYLINE: QMI Agency / SunTV News

    • They are not all criminals. Under international law – The UN Refugee Convention (to which Canada is a signatory) people have the right to claim refugee status and/or seek asylum upon arrival in Canada – regardless of how they travel here. Boat, plane, magic carpet, whatever.

      These new arrivals made no attempt to illegally 'sneak' into canada under cover of darkness or in a some kind of makeshift refugee super submarine. They travelled here and asked for their refugee claim to be heard in accordance with international law. Vilifying these people as criminals is unproductive.

      • "Vilifying these people as criminals is unproductive."
        Neither is giving them for free what we don't get after working our asses off for it! We work HARD for our previliges, but we get next to nothing. The UN should be providing them with all the aide then need, not us!! You want to support them, please feel free to, Gibbs. We DID NOT ask for this, we SHOULD NOT be FORCED to bear with it!!

        • What exactly do you think the UN is? We are a member of the international community – and as such have obligations and responsibilities.

          • what exactly do you think we are?
            yes, we have obligations and responsibilities. but are those obligations and responsibilities to outsiders only? nothing for ud who live here, work our asses off for almost nothing, pay our taxes every single year and worry about how we will manage the rest of the week on the little we are allowed to keep!?! i ahve nothing against charity, i donate regularly to Sick Kids, but they are HERE, their families are part of THIS system, the system that is failiing them more and more all the time, the system that is paying for these free-loaders with money they don't have for us!!
            what do you think we are!?

      • O.K. Gibbs then why don't you support them. They came here knowing the way they were coming was wrong. They jumped ahead of the others. They are criminals. How about you support every one of them. If this continues Canada will not be able to support anyone. We are constantly hearing that there is no more money for anything (healthcare included) and now these people get it all for nothing. They have contributed nothing and they paid big dollars to come here. I am sorry but they are criminals and now other people trying to get here legally have to wait. It is wrong and it must stop.

  2. Happy to hear about the release of Tamil woman from Sun Sea.Hope more releases.

    • It’s obvious that the Liberals got your Vote and that you haven’t been in Canada long enough to pay more than your fair shaer of income tax.

  3. Lets look at it in the extreme…the UN says Sri Lanka no longer is a country that should be producing refuges, and infact some are returning for vacations. Canada has problems with Health care, shelter and feeding our population as it is. Canada now has 300,000 Tamils living in the Toronto area already, the largest Tamil population outside of Sri Lanka! If Canada welcomes the first two boats of approx. 550 people that arrived with no money, no jobs with hands out for welfare and medical care then where do we quit??? What is the population of Sri Lanka? Can we afford to double our population with unemployed welfare applicants?

    • The UN has been known to be wrong…

  4. The government that goes against this illegal immigration will get my vote. These people paid big dollars to come here and they put their children at risk. They are not poor – they are criminals. What kind of parents are these? They come here with dreams of screwing the Canadian taxpayer and our government allowed it. Canada is in big trouble and I hope we get a government that cleans up the immigration problem soon. Lets put them all back on a boat and send them back with any other illegals in this country. This would send a strong message. I am tired of supporting these people when there is no money to look after the legitimate Canadians. We are in for big problems here and I feel very sorry for Ontario right now because that is where these illegals are heading.

  5. Ok, to help some people out…

    These Tamil's aren't immigrants. They are refugees. They came here legally according to Canadian and international law. Lots of refugees pay big bucks to get here. They aren't criminals by default.

    I would recommend not giving in to the fear mongering.

    • Fear mongering! wow! i suppose you haven't been to Scarborough (part of GTA) recently. But no matter. You keep them in whatever country you are refugeeing to. since they are not criminals, you should have no problem. have a nice day.

      • I live four blocks from Parliament Hill, so I know the inconveniences of living in a democracy all too well. We all must soldier on…

        They are 'refugeeing' to Canada. Around 85 % will stay as that is the Sri Lanka refugee acceptance rate.

        Thanks, you have a nice day too!

        • amicable end to discussion. most gracious. :-)

          • Gracious disagreements are the best kind :)

  6. She should be deported immediately, she can take care of her kids at home where the changes won't be as traumatizing for them.

    The crooked Liberal party imported hundreds of thousands of Tamils so they could buy their votes, and while corrupt Liberals don't care if that community uses our tax dollars to kill people in other countries, Canadians should be outraged. The suicide bomb vest was practically invented with investment dollars from Canada.

  7. Gutless Politicians will never stop this from happening. Who’s paying for this? Politicians….. get a spine and put a stop to this abuse of my money and yours.

    Write your MP. Stop this madness…and the next ship that’s on it’s way.

  8. That's what give us Trudeaupia, political correctness and apologetic idiocy.
    Insted of deporting them all immmediately to Srilanka they detention them and now they are relased!!!
    Of coure they will fly for holidays for home soon after they apply for refugee status…..

  9. Now that this woman and her three children are all documented and processed, water and feed them, give them numbers and put them on the next plane to Sri Lanka ,once there they can wait in line like all the other claimants that have applied to come to Canada .. same process for the remaining 488,, no favortism……..

  10. And so it comes to pass.


    • Indubitably ! I think we are overdue….

  11. if something is not working, useless and cost money, would you keep it? well…….

    • apparently, yes. (not be choice though)