First women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame -

First women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

Angela James and Cammi Granato first two female inductees


Torontonian Angela James and American Cammi Granato have become the first two women to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, announced the Hall yesterday. The ceremony will take place this November. “This is a day I never really thought would ever happen,” said James to the Toronto Star. “I look at this as being a great day for female hockey.” The 18-member, all-male committee selected the women following a change in the selection criteria which made it more inclusive for women. Bill Hay, chairman of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s board of directors said, “It’s time for females to be in,” and that the voting changes reflect the long-range plans of the hockey institution.

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First women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

  1. "While women have always been eligible, they previously had to compete with men for the four spots open to athletes each year. Now two women can be inducted annually, their accomplishments judged on their own merit."

    If they've always been eligible, but couldn't compete with the men, then how is this a case of having "their accomplishments judged on their own merit"? Isn't it rather a case of having their accomplishments judged according to a gender-divided double standard?

  2. Angela James and Cammi Granato. What team did they lead to the Stanley Cup again? Must have missed it.

  3. Here's my argument:

    Players in the Hall should be the best of the best, not just best of your level of hockey (there's nothing stopping them from playing with the men, see Hayley Wickenheiser). Otherwise, I'd be preparing for my induction into the hall, because I've been tearing up my Duffer's league for the last several years.

  4. What's next? Hockey Night in Canada broadcasting senior women's hockey games on saturday to make it more inclusive for women?

    There's less scoring in women's hockey than there is in an average soccer game because of the feeble shooting. It'll be about as exciting as watching paint dry.

    Nothing wrong with a Women's Hockey Hall of Fame though.

  5. The Hall of Fame is meant to recognize the "best of the best", ie. those that excelled in the top league in the world, which is the NHL. By watering down the requirements they've just taken the prestige of the inductions down by 10 notches and embarassed all of the previous inductees. These women were the best in their league, which is a great accomplishment, but definitely not one that deserves Hall of Fame status. What a crock.

  6. Bad decisions all around… If the decision was based on pure talent and career stats, Nieuwendyk should be in. If the decision was based on doing the "right" thing, then Pat Burns should have gotten in. Instead they decided to put the focus and media attention this year on two women who never played a game of pro hockey in their careers. Are we at the point where even the Hockey Hall of Fame has to bow to such obsurd political correctness?

  7. LoL… so this is where all the Neanderthals hang out. The "best of the best" has perhaps never been the NHL. Way back in 72 we found out that "Holy crap" those Ruskies are good! Since then the very best men's hockey games have been international (including NHL players of course)

    Of course, the Canadian Women's Hockey Team has been a dominant force in international hockey for years. The fact that women would not be admitted to the Hall before is a sign that the admissions were screwed up… not that the accomplishments of the women were not worthy. Personally I think it is better that they now have a designated spot. It saves males with egos like Mark from being hurt.

    jarrid: in the round robin at the last Olympics, the female teams averaged over 4 goals a game, male teams averaged slightly under 3.

    • That's a point Stewart: although I'm not sure a very good one. The numbers are skewed by the inept women's teams fielded by many countries making for some pretty lopsided scores.

      Canada 18 Slovakia 0

      Canada 13 Sweden 1

      There are other examples from Canada and the U.S. running up the score on their woeful opponents, the US creaming the Russian Federation 13-0 for example. That's really fun to watch.

  8. Stewart, I get your point. The best of the best is not always the NHL but you are comparing goals per game in men's hockey versus women's hockey?? Some of the teams that the Canadian women rolled over 12-0 skewed their GPG generously and they were playing against teams that would hardly complete with a AAA midget team in Canada. Yes the women dominated but it's hard to talk about their amazing accomplishments when their competition was so terrible.
    The fact is that women have always been eligible but simply didn't qualify. I completely agree with the fact that there is already an International Hockey Hall of Fame that has women inductees because that's the forum where these ladies excelled. The HHOF has typically been reserved for the pro's (mostly NHLers) and to water it down with women from international hockey is an insult to those already inducted.

    • The women's national team would hardly compete with a AAA midget team in Canada.

      • Funny you mention that. The Women's Canadian National Olympic team that won last year warmed up for the Olympics by playing Midget AA teams (16-17 year old boys, one or two years after their draft year) and lost 4 out of 5 games. The fact is, that women will never be as good as men at hockey, and just because a women is good comparatively to another women, does not justify a spot in the Hall. They have always had a chance to be voted in, but they haven't been because they haven't been seen as good enough.

        • lost the majority of their games*, not 4 out of 5. The point is, if that is how they do against AA teams, they would get manhandled by AAA teams

  9. Woman in the Hockey Hall of Fame is just another insult to men in society today, we seem to think unless woman are included its not inclusive. Woman should have their own place of recognition,they don't belong with the men.

    • That is an incredible sexist point of view. Nobody is asking you or anyone to compare women to men, they are recoginzing the impact that Angela James has had on women's hockey not only in canada but in the world. It has given young girls and ladies opportunity to see and idolize women in a sport that they so love.

  10. Check your facts Mark…your wrong. They were playing against them and winning. I feel very sorry for all your female children. How "old" are fellas anyway…?

    • Actually no, Mark was right. The Women's national team played midget AA teams and lost the majority of their games. I am a midget AAA player, and i know for a fact after watching them play, that if my team were to play them, we would beat them rather easily, contact or no contact.