Fist bump wards off flu -

Fist bump wards off flu

Obama’s infamous greeting would reduce H1N1


Dr. Tom Feasby, the dean of the University of Calgary’s faculty of medicine, has stopped shaking hands due to the threat of swine flu, and he appears to have convinced Alberta Health Minister Ron Liepert to do the same. Rather, Feasby favours what he calls the “pound,” but which in ghetto parlance (or at least in the Republican understanding of ghetto parlance, as demonstrated last year after Barack Obama was spotted “pounding” his wife) is called the fist bump. Handshaking, Feasby tells fast forward weekly’s Jeremy Klaszus, is a “recipe for transmitting disease … We need to replace it with something. The pound offers that.” Liepert, at first skeptical, has reportedly “pounded” Feasby and is now a convert.

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Fist bump wards off flu

  1. " Feasby favours what he calls the “pound,” "

    Only after he discovered that sniffing each other like dogs wasn't going to be an easy sell.

  2. Don't you still touch your nose with the back of your hand?

  3. I wasn't 100% sure what y'all were talking about, so I checked YouTube, and came across this piece of hard-hitting news

    Some of the related YouTube offerings are equally inspiring.

  4. True enough…perhaps hip bumping is the answer?

  5. I'm asking folks to greet me by assuming a prostrate stance of submission, much like our baboon cousins.

  6. The terrorist fist jab? I don't think so!

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