Five dead at ancient temple on Cambodia-Thailand border

Cambodia asking UN to create “buffer zone”


Cambodia’s prime minister, Han Sen, is calling on the UN to provide troops for a “buffer zone” after violence flared on the border with Thailand near the eleventh-century Preah Vihear, a Hindu temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site. At least five people have been killed, another 45 were injured, and 6,000 have fled the local area in Thailand due to the violence. Three of those killed were soldiers and the other two were civilians, one from each side. Cambodia says that Thailand shot first and damaged the temple. Thai officials deny they caused any damage and say they only shot in self-defense. UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon says he is “deeply concerned.” Thailand and Cambodia both claim ownership of the temple, which the International Court of Justice awarded to Cambodia in 1962.

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Five dead at ancient temple on Cambodia-Thailand border

  1. " Thai officials deny they caused any damage and say they only shot in self-defense. "

    It is very stupid to shoot at a temple in self-defense don't you think?

    • this artical needs more info for people to learn more but nice

    • as long as the cambodia uses the temple as their bunker. there is no other way to shoot back in self-defense.

    • yes, it crazy to say that word . you should be a shame to shoot at temple and said you shot in self-defense.

      • If somebody shooting your family from the temple , how do you do ?
        there is a reason , dun bias

  2. On June 15, 1962, the International Court of Justice ruled 9 to 3 that the Pras Vihear temple belonged to Cambodia and, by a vote of 7 to 5, that Thailand must return any antiquities such as sculptures that it had removed from the temple. On July 8, 2008, the World Heritage Committee decided to add Prasat Preah Vihear, along with 26 other sites in Cambodia, to the World Heritage Site list, despite several protests from Thailand.

    Thailand, what part of English don't you understand? Grow up and stop acting like spoil brats!

    • Why should Thais understand English? The western world doesn't seem to be bother themselves with learning Thai…

    • The countries who do not adhere to UN or international court decisions and agreements consists of the entire membership of both organisations.

      It isn't a reading comprehension problem. It's a reading between the lines problem.

  3. I am honor to tell the world that Cambodian have only one heart now, please don't look down anymore.
    We won't let you do anything as you are thinking.
    Stop it….stop it….if you want your country safe, and you should look at the borders around yours, Will they be happy with you?

  4. Them bloody Thai created so much hatred to all the country around them

  5. I know right? And is it really a Hindu temple? I thought it was Buddhist.

  6. find the true by yourself don’t believe only one side.

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