Five Iranian commanders killed -

Five Iranian commanders killed

Two suicide bombings target the Iranian Revolutionary Guard


Five of the top commanders in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard were killed in two terrorist attack bombings that also killed and injured others early Sunday. The event happened in the Sistan-Baluchistan region—and marked hostility between the Baluchi people, who are one of the country’s ethnic and religious minorities, and the Iranian leadership—after the government put the Revolutionary Guard in control there. The attack happened as the IRG were bringing together leaders from Shiite and Sunni Muslim communities to talk. The U.S. has condemned the bombings and denied any involvement.

New York Times

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Five Iranian commanders killed

  1. "In a brief statement on Sunday, the United States condemned the suicide bombing and denied it had anything to do with it. “We condemn this act of terrorism and mourn the loss of innocent lives. Reports of alleged U.S. involvement are completely false,” said Ian Kelly, U.S. State Department spokesman."

    Nice to see people not backing down from their oppressors. And Mr Kelly should be ashamed of himself, using the word 'innocent' to describe IRG commanders. But what can we expect from Admin that thinks Mao is a great role model for teenagers.

    • 5 were IRG. Most of the 50+ dead and wounded were civilians.

    • So McCain making jokes about Mao and his 'wisdom' is the same as senior white house staff earnestly telling kids to use Mao as role model?

      What I found shocking was that it was mundane idea – try you hardest kids, don't give up! – and there are hundreds of famous/successful people who have same message but Obama Admin thinks the biggest mass killer in history is someone that kids should follow.

      • Oh, I plan on taking the kids on a Long March this afternoon.

      • Jolyon, I agree, but you won't get the likes of Sisyphus to see the light. He reads Chomsky, who defended the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. Here's one author pointing out Chomsky's logic on the Pol Pot regime:

        "In order to minimize the extent of Pol Pot's crimes, Chomsky asks, "In the first place, is it proper to attribute deaths from famine and disease to the Cambodian authorities?" t is quite proper if those very authorities caused the famine and disease, which they did by evacuating the cities."

        So in Chomsky's world we can't blame the the Commies for the mass killings they caused in the Ukraine under Stalin or in China under Mao. To these leftists, the ends, no matter how odious, justifies the means. Everything is explained away, rather nonchalantly. They mean well, apparently, so "what's your problem" is their answer.

  2. Their air force can't fly straight. Their muckety-mucks are vulnerable, big time. You don't suppose we might be seeing a certain unnamed country, in no hurry to be wiped off the map, starting to execute certain orders that won't get unsealed for a century, do you? If so, carry on, certain-unnamed-country…