Five men arrested on suspicion of terror attack -

Five men arrested on suspicion of terror attack

Plot was related to Danish newspapers that published Mohammed cartoons


Five men suspected of plotting an attack against Danish newspapers that published Prophet Mohammed cartoons in 2005 have been arrested by police in Sweden and Denmark. So far, details about the attack have not been released, except that it targeted at least one of two newspapers housed in a building in Copenhagen. Searches related to the arrests uncovered at least one machine gun with a silencer, live ammunition and “plastic strips that can be used as handcuffs.” The suspects “must be considered militant Islamists with relations to international terror networks” and that they “would have attempted to force their way into the office of Jyllands-Posten or Politiken in Copenhagen and to kill as many as possible of the persons present.” Four of the suspects were arrested in the suburbs of Copenhagen and a fifth in Stockholm. Three are Swedish citizens. The Danish police did not rule out further arrests.

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Five men arrested on suspicion of terror attack

  1. There is something quite wrong and politicians need to take a serious look at a religion that produces so many religious terrorists in such a short time. So much hate and an absence of peace and love. Have these terrorists been diverted and fooled to worship and work for Satan instead of God or 'Allah'? The more one heard of Islamic Supremacists the more they look like a bunch of intolerant fools working, dying and killing for a Satanic cult. There is nothing religious at all in their messages. Equating it with peace sounds more like a tiresome joke, especially when more terrorists come out of their shells/cells. If these terrorist activities are not checked and denounced not only in pretend words(taqqiya) by "moderate" Imams ang Mullahs , the more people will equate Islam with the devil. The real moderates have a lot of work to do as there are so many pretend 'moderates', as well working behind the scenes supporting the actions of these fools.

    • You are absolutely right. There is something seriously wrong with this so-called "religion." As a Christian I cringe when I hear people taking the name of the Lord in vain but I would never think of murder to rectify what, to me, is a sin. I have also laughed at jokes aimed at my Christianity. In short, my religion has some humour in it, Islam doesn't. They take themselves too seriously but I believe that, in the end, God, that is, my Christian God and not Allah, will have the last laugh on Judgement Day.

  2. Multiculturalism is a failure, we should bury it – quickly.

  3. You guys are amazing! I don't particularly care about the Islamic religion since I am against all religion, but your Christian superiority is laughable in the face of the Christian past. Islam is a younger religion and is now going through a Christian Inquisition-type era. But, you know, only Christian periods of violence and intolerance don't count.

    • Your arrogance comes shining through in that you think you're superior to all those religious people because you're against all of them.

      Dismissing Islam's war on the West as 'just a passing phase' would be a laughable excuse if it didn't result in so many thousands of people being killed. Islamists kill more people in a month than were killed during the entire Inquisition.

      If Christianity or Islam is all the same to you, why not go live in an Islamic country? At the very least you should really try to imagine yourself living in Iran or Saudi Arabia where females are practically beasts of burden by law – and beaten, raped or murdered if they disagree. Is that how you would want your daughter to live?

      • Not at all, Philanthropist. And, I expect you could show me examples of atheist/agnostic/humanist killings on a large scale. I'm not sure what the amount of human destrruction has to do with anything (yea, I note I'm not one of the destructed, where I think it would matter a great deal to me) but if the Inquisitioners had the technology and the increased number of sheer people I'm not sure that claim could be made, anyway.

        I have no desire to live anywhere but my beloved Canada. I certainly don't want my daughter to live under Islamic law. Of course, I'd have preferred if my great-great-great-great-great-great (probably more) grandmother could have been considered "clean" after childbirth, and she was not. Well, nobody was "clean" back then, LOL. But I don't see why I should have to leave the country of my birth just because I don't agree with superiority-sounding Christians. And, happy day, I don't. One more reason to love my country.

        • Religious humans think they are superior because they have a "god-given"right to live and destroy. Non-religious humans think they are superior because they believe they don't need god to give them the right to live and destroy. Atheist humans believe they are superior because they can live and destroy as they please. Animals believe they are superior because they don't need to destroy in order to live, just maintain a balance.

          • Wow… Good one Eddie……..

      • If Christian crusades were "a passing phase" during the Middle Ages, Phil, it's only because of 250 years of secularism in the West.

        Winston Churchill said something about Christianity being held "in the strong arms of science." Those two "strong arms" are reason and scepticism, something that nearly got Galileo in trouble during the Renaissance for saying that the earth revolved around the sun. It also resulted in "The Monkey Trial" of John Scopes because he tried to teach evolution in Tennessee in the 1920s.

        Christianity and Islam are similar, but unlike most Muslims, most Christians live in secular societies that have managed to put the brakes on their fanaticism. Sor far.

  4. When Muslim countries are attacked by Muslim extremists, they are just as capable of coming down hard on them as anybody else. While the oil sheiks wouldn't likely wring their hands too much if Catholic extremists tried to seize St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and tried to hold the Pope hostage, they called for the army and came in with guns firing when Wahhabi extremists sezied the Grand Mosque in Mecca back in the eighties. It all depends on whose ox is being gored.

  5. But we're told every day that there can only be an up side to immigration and multiculturalism!! Could there actually be a down side? Does immigration from the 3rd world actually bring 3rd world problems to Western "host" nations? Could the greatest politically correct minds of out time have gotten this wrong?

    • To all 3 questions…YES.

      ANY community transplanting itself in another will bring it's own culture and quirks with it. Once they reach a certain critical mass, they start exerting cultural pressure on the surrounding area, trying to gain influence on it and turn it to their own way of life and thought.
      Political Correctness needs to have limits. Although the majority of cultures can co-exist peacefully and beneficially, there are those whose ideologies do not match with or blend with any others; and they make no effort to integrate into the host society. If those culture(s) are allowed to build up to critical mass… But this is all common sense. Political correctness is not about common sense.