Five possible Earth-like planets found -

Five possible Earth-like planets found

Planets may support liquid water, and therefore life


NASA’s Kepler mission has found five potential Earth-size planets that orbit the habitable zone, the region around a star where the temperature could allow the existence of liquid water, the CBC reports. On Wednesday, NASA released data on over 1,000 possible planets outside our solar system, which more than doubles the number of so-called exoplanets. They haven’t been confirmed, but it’s estimated that up to 90 per cent will be verified as planets. Overall, Kpeler has found 54 potential planets in habitable zones, altough some are at least double the size of Earth. The telescope has been looking at 156,000 stars in about one-fourhundredth of the sky since it launched in Sept. 2009, looking for new planets.

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Five possible Earth-like planets found

  1. Life as we understand it. There might be other life forms out there that aren't carbon based and don't require water or oxygen and if so then perhaps we just can't recognise them.

  2. There are likely to be vast gulfs, quite literally (!), to overcome. Doesn't it make sense to start with what is closest to what you know?

  3. I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

  4. We should build generation ships and tell the fundies of all religions that Allha/Yahweh/Jesus/Vishnu etc have told them to journey to these new planets to build a New Eden.

    • thats actually an amazing idea. we could use project blue beam to trick these people into financing it…once they do we can actuallly explore space…but before we do that we need to use these finances to research infinite amounts of energy and fuel….an infinite amount of energy can already be acheieved through kinetic motion….now we just have to figure out an infinite source of fuel

  5. mars contains iron, could we break down iron to use it for fuel? as you trip off to mars, use some machine that contracts the iron and converts it into energy after you’re tank is full continue to go in 1 direction and on you’re way back stop at mars, fuel up and then come back home? eh its crazy but we use everything on our planet what makes us think we cant on others?