Five things learned about James Holmes from his court appearance


When James Holmes allegedly opened fire on innocent movie watchers last Friday, killing 12 and wounding 58, people wondered what could lead a person to do such a thing. Holmes was put into solitary confinement over the weekend and this morning stood in front of a court, and cameras, for the first time since the shootings.

Here are a few things we learned about James Holmes from this morning’s court appearance:

  1. This story won’t have an ending any time soon. Arapahope County District Attorney Carol Chambers told CBS it will likely be at least a year before a trial.
  2. Seeking the death penalty is under debate. Chambers said she will consult families before deciding. A decision on that could take months, CBS reports.
  3. Holmes has a new look. Sitting quietly with bright red-orange hair, he was described in court as being “wide-eyed, unshaven, his head bobbing slightly.”
  4. Holmes won’t be allowed to have contact with any surviving victims, nor their relatives, writes the Daily Mail. Judge’s orders.
  5. The judge also ordered he be held without bond. This means he’ll go back into the Colorado jail where a jailhouse worker told the New York Daily News Holmes didn’t show remorse and acted as though he were in a movie. A recently released inmate told the Daily News, “He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guard,” he said outside the jail. “He’s spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy.”

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Five things learned about James Holmes from his court appearance

  1. James Holden? Who’s that?

  2. …as a self proclaimed astute observer of the human condition, Holmes’ court appearance is all bullshit. ….though appearing to be in withdrawal from the chemicals he took to carry out his evil deed… his acting “out of it”…. is just that. An act. … Oh no, don’t let this guy fool you. He’s still has an agenda.

  3. Americans will wring their hands and wail until a new shiny object in the news comes along, and then it’ll all be forgotten until the next massacre. The theatre is only about 10 miles away from Columbine high school after all.

    Until the US faces it’s mental health problem, and uses some common sense with guns this kind of event will never be solved.

    • I am happy that some people address these issues openly. Even if he is “legally sane” via forethought and planning, how is any one that does something like this actually sane. If this was a rapid decline into a formally latent schizophrenia or psychosis–then brain imaging may now speak more to the truth of the matter than those layman who simply say, “he’s acting.” And if he did indeed send a psychiatrist a notebook detailing his plan, that it speaks to his desire to be helped. That is a very specific interaction…not as if he sent it to Warner Bros as an offering up of a better script or something of a more narcissistic tone. I also find the reports that the psychiatrist reported one suspected package that was not from Holmes but then another that was from him was found to be very odd. It makes it seem that psychiatrist had some insight into the case without the notebook, insight that wasn’t acted on for one reason or another. And the saddest thing of all is that if you appear to be doing well in our society then no one asks any questions. Every one is satisfied with an “appearance is everything” attitude, sadly, until they become court appearances.

      • Well, I think ‘legally sane’ needs to be reexamined. Anyone that goes out and shoots up a crowd of strangers is by definition…insane.

        I don’t know what ‘forethought and planning’ has to do with it….is there some belief mentally ill people wander around in a fog and can’t function? If that were true, then we wouldn’t have a problem.

        Why he’d be ‘acting’ is a mystery…..there is a death penalty involved here, not an Oscar fergawdsake.

        Our society just finds it easier to revert to religion…..he’s ‘evil’, and that’s that…and as long as we refuse to deal with it, we’ll continue to have these random massacres.

  4. It’s not about the guns. It is about the people who desire to harm others. My brother has an AR-15 and a pistol at home. He is a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. He is a college graduate who works in finance. He has the weapons for home defence(and occasionally target shoots). He does not pose a threat to society. I myself don’t currently own any weapons. The facts are that while gun ownership continues to increase, the U.S. crime rate actually continues to fall. The U.S. murder rate for 2012 is expected to reach its lowest level since 1957. The U.S. violent crime rate is at its lowest level since 1970. What has happened during this time period of falling crime rates? The answer is a dramatic increase in both concealed carry licenses and stand your ground self defense laws. Banning guns won’t stop gun crimes. Heck, with this guys science background, he could just as easily set off explosives in the theatre(just like with his apartment). Unlike Canada, the guy is going to be rightfully executed for his sins(rather than live on for 30 years on the public dime like Clifford Olson). It is real justice? Not completely. Real justice would be turning the scumbag over to the victims’ relatives and than showing the battered corpse on tv(like with Khadafy) to send a message to any cowardly lowlife that might to imitate the action. However, I’ll take his execution any day over paying for him for the next 50 years. I much prefer this to the progressive Liberal and NDP types who feel that the more we coddle criminals the more it shows what a compassionate country we are. Why don’t you progressives show some real courage and allow Canadians to have a binding referendum on bringing back the death penalty?

    • Thanks for your essay on ignorance.

      • Thanks for the wisecrack and not having the information to refute my statements. Its those “well reasoned” arguments that are leading to the decline of the leftist Democrat Party down here. While the presidential race is too close to call, polling has the Republicans taking back the U.S. Senate(likely gains in Nebraska, North Dakota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Montana, and Florida). Also possible Republican gains in Ohio, New Mexico, Michigan, Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In other words, Republicans are expected to have between 52-58 Senate seats out of 100. Also, they are expected to easily hold the U.S. House of Representatives. Furthermore, the Republicans are expected to increase their governorships to 33-34 out of 50 total. At the state legislature level, the Republicans are expected to control practically every state legislature in the South. Almost every state legislature in the Midwest(minus Obama’s Illinois and possibly Minnesota). At least half the state legislatures in the western states. As well as state legislatures in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Four years of progressive leadership down here has limited the Democrats ability to compete in about half of the 50 states. The left’s policies have no basis in reality. The best you guys can do is adopt a false air of superiority and mock your opponents. It will be a great day in Canada when the NDP joins the federal Liberal Party on the ash heap of history.

        • And when you have a debilitating disease, a handicapp or become mentally ill progressive or conservatives will leave you broke and people can tell your homeless ass to go get a job you can’t have or maybe do.

    • Yes, we know, guns don’t kill people, people do, etc. Just try to murder a crowd with a knife.

      • Actually, there was an incident in China where 17 police officers were killed by 2 other officers with knives. In Yemen, a suicide bomber killed 96 soldiers at a parade. The Colorado gunman had the means to make such a device so maybe we should ban explosive materials. Gun bans don’t work. Criminals don’t follow laws. Handguns have been strictly regulated in Canada since the 1920’s. That has not stopped crime with handguns. Sorry, Dalton McGuinty! Gun registry’s don’t work and can even backfire(hackers have broken into the New South Wales and possibly Queensland state gun registries in Australia. It is believed that they are using the personal information in the registry to steal weapons from peoples’ homes.) From 1968-1994, the U.S. congress and various state governments passed a great deal of gun control legislation(the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King acclerated this). These tightened gun laws did nothing to stop the rising crime rate. In fact, the deadliest city in America(Chicago) practically bans the private ownership of handguns. Thanks to a crooked Democratic Party machine that has run city hall since 1917. It is in the state of Illinois which is the only 1 of the 50 states that doesn’t allow concealed carry(also no death penalty).Crime rates began to fall in the 1990’s with the increase of concealed carry licenses, stronger laws on self defense(so that a home or business owner is not prosecuted for shooting a robber), and striking down local gun bans.

    • Because we refuse to give any public figure with athourity the power to kill anybody no matter what the crime, no matter who it is. You can view this as a weakness or you can realize we as a population do not want to murdered by our government. For any reason! I hope we are never stupid enough to bring back the death penalty.

      • You disapprove of it. Fine. However, Canada is still supposedly a democracy and the people should have a say. You might disagree with their position(polling shows that it would pass) but thats democracy. I disagree with the majority of Canadians’ position on abortion(the killing of an unborn innocent) but understand that it is how most Canadians feel. I live in a state that has the death penalty. I have told my relatives that if anything happens to me that I want my murderer executed. In your words, I am murdering him. In my words, I feel that he would be getting what he deserves. My one act of compassion to him would be to recommend that he makes amends with his maker before he goes. To you, it is cold blooded. To me, your lack of toughness towards the criminal shows a lack of compassion towards the murder victim and their family. An innocent is killed and you are concerned about the well being of the lowlife that ended a law abiding person’s life. You talk about murder by your government. The Canadian government is subject to the Canadian people(you elect the House of Commons don’t you?). It is your government. It is your servant. It can’t murder a criminal. Only you the Canadian public can make that call.

  5. One scary dude

  6. Bastards like this ISP (Incredibly stupid person) deserves only one thing, to rot in prison while getting a daily shitkicking by other inmates! Death is too good for lowlives like this! Death just puts them out of their misery as a daily shitkicking will deter any other dumbasses from doing something like this. I would prefer that he gets a daily shitkicking for the rest of his life. I would dance in the streets if this would happen but our politicians, in their infinite stupidity, thinks it inhumane! What humanity did this loser show his victims? What Colorado needs to do is to add him into normal prison population and inform that inmates on what he did (if they dont know already) but inform them that they cant kill him but give him continuous shitkickings daily. I dont care if he was in withdraw from any chemicals, it was his stupid ass that decided to take them in the first place! Weed is the only narcotic that wont make you want to go shoot up someplace! Everything else will make you lose the comcept of common sense!

    • Stfu you need a daily asskicking bro this is a human life. He is ill.

  7. Was james tested for gun powder? Of course but we won’t know the answer because this is a private case no one will know anything unless the media says something and the media will lie. They only use words passes along by others its a big game of telephone. James e holmes was and is mentally ill. Cant say hes faking it if ya didnt treat the guy. No one has any idea about what he was thinking and we never will until he speaks out publicly. So everyone get over it. Shit happens its obvious with all these massacres that happen it isnt going to stop any time soon.

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