Five U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan -

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Death toll rising amid growing violence


Four American soldiers working with the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan were killed by a bomb on Wednesday, while another died in a separate attack in the southern part of the country. The deaths come just a day after three U.S. soldiers and five Afghan civilians were killed in a suicide attack in Kandahar, and are seemingly part of a larger wave of violence in Afghanistan. June saw the largest number of fatalities since the war began in 2001. In the past 24 hours, 11 NATO soldiers have been killed. “We are in the toughest part of this fight,” ISAF spokesman Brig. Gen. Josef Blotz told the BBC.

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Five U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan

  1. Where is our tough talking "leader" now? Where is the Stephen "we don't cut and run" Harper blowhard now. Why isn't this Prime Minister talking to Canadians about this war. This same Stephen Harper that maligned and lambasted our country for not following Bush into Iraq. Where is this coward of a Prime Minister that rather appear on FOX NEWS and tell Canadians for the first time that the war in Afghanistan is un-winnable. Why doesn't this jerk hiding behind scripted photo-ops stand and let the Canadian people know exactly what is planned for our brave men and women in uniform…after this spineless sociopath announced to the Taliban on FOX NEWS that we are pulling out, which damaged our soldier's morale to no end and left the terrorists in their hole rubbing their hands in glee.

  2. Won'tGetFooledAgain!

    You took the words right out of mouth of knowledgeable Canadians. I can tell you what he won't be after the next federal election, Prime Minister of Canada.

    • Wasn't in my mouth. Now, am I not knowledgeable or is your statement just irrational?

      • Everything I stated Harper has done, said and acted out by. With the War escalating in Afghanistan, with our troops facing a growing insurgency and a year left before the mission is to end….a most critical time when our troops are most vulnerable why has this prime minister been so silent as our war dead keep coming home. Why does this gutless wonder who preens and poses not speak to the Canadian people about Canada's final plan in Afghanistan.

        • The main driving force in Afghanistan is the US. Therefore, Canada's plans are dependent on their plans. Can't blame Harper.