Flaherty previews budget goals during Economic Club speech


OTTAWA – Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the best thing his government can do in uncertain times is to not blow the budget.

And he says the government remains on track to balance the books in 2015.

The minister tells the Economic Club the top goal of his upcoming budget will be to maintain a sound fiscal position.

He says no one should expect major spending initiatives in the budget, which is expected next month.

Even when it comes to renewing the $33-billion infrastructure program, he says any extension will have to be affordable.

Flaherty says the country cannot afford to mortgage the future by spending in the short term.

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Flaherty previews budget goals during Economic Club speech

  1. I would agree with the last sentence with one caveat. There is no problem with mortgaging the future if the future will reap the benefits. I wouldn’t mind the deficit we are running if we were getting good infrastructure out of it that we’ll be using 50 years from now.

    But mortgaging the future to pay for the entitlements of the bureaucrats, special interests, and corporations of the present? Not so much. Not even to “stimulate” spending more than you can pay off in 10 years.

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