Flaherty’s fortune and lucky number 14


Finance minister Jim Flaherty’s campaign office used to be an emergency animal hospital. Below Derek Vanstone (his chief of staff on leave for the campaign) shows the surgical light in the office.

This was Vanstone’s fortune cookie fortune the first night of the campaign. The election is Oct. 14, one the lucky numbers noted on there.

Campaign signs and stakes are kept in a kennel area.

Flaherty drives around in his vehicle with a trailer to promote his campaign.


He has been doing a lot of door knocking.

And seen lot of things like gnomes and other creatures on people’s porches.

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Flaherty’s fortune and lucky number 14

  1. And I wish Mr. Flaherty all the luck in the world in business..

    ..so long as it means he’s no longer in politics.

  2. That’s an awesome grotesque in the last photo. Did you make the eyes red, Mitchel, or was it like that on the porch?

  3. It was like that on the porch.

  4. Guess the “we’re going into deficit” canard is pretty much out the window now.

    Keep on smilin’ Jim.

  5. Great Gargoyle! – I’d paint it though reddish brown make it leathery like. Congrads Jimmy on shooting down the deficit claims as it’s all gravy now.

  6. KRB: Unfortunately, only if you believe what Flaherty says. He’s lied about surpluses before, after all.

  7. If true, Flaherty is also guilty of lying about the surplus as he and the Conservatives excoriated Martin and the Liberals for.

  8. don’t invest in Ontario y’all…

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