Flight delayed? Eat, drink ... tweet photo of self waiting in departure lounge - Macleans.ca

Flight delayed? Eat, drink … tweet photo of self waiting in departure lounge

Noted on Twitter: People in transit


Flight delayed? Eat, drink … tweet photo of self waiting in departure lounge

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Hoping my flight is delayed! http://pic.twitter.com/pelj6DuzAaron Kuhlmann
Delayed flight… http://pic.twitter.com/t0lOnxcYAlicia Rose Carter
Flight delayed now eating @ papadeaux’s http://pic.twitter.com/H4sjYKAJKrehol Games
Every frickkn flight is delayed.. I guess I’m just going to eat. #wannagototexas http://pic.twitter.com/I7mMQ2ANShilpa :)
What happens when your flight is delayed. Double down. http://pic.twitter.com/cAnmk2R7Cindy
Flight to #Guernsey is delayed so I’m having a cheeky little prosecco and som crisps in #apostrophe. http://pic.twitter.com/Q2OqKNawKate’s Twirl
Flight delayed. What else to do? http://pic.twitter.com/hrb5CWvHSouthern Boy Gent
Flight badly delayed, so drinking scotch & trying the twitpic editing features. More effects would be better though… http://pic.twitter.com/KwbcFrUkKevin English
What to do when your flight is delayed… http://pic.twitter.com/Caw1E0UsKatie Byrne
Effects of a delayed flight http://pic.twitter.com/RtwbhrIoEmily Wattman
Flight delayed #MyLuck at least I got my buddy with me http://pic.twitter.com/Nl2iBnchDG
Flight delayed | Social Media Catch Up http://pic.twitter.com/DM3HeN0ADana Gray
Best way to kill time waiting for a delayed flight. http://pic.twitter.com/4XPD5JY7B Whit
Flight delayed #sobored #dontwannadosummerreading http://pic.twitter.com/LvfuIemQCara Greenwell
Delayed flight…awesome http://pic.twitter.com/xBbX5rEZAlli Kolick
Stuck in the airport. My flight got delayed an hour :( http://pic.twitter.com/aNKz9IIDKiley Richards
Sean’s flight is delayed & Starbucks is closed! #fml http://pic.twitter.com/XYqPjDyoWhite Chocolate (:
This is my airport/flight delayed face. http://pic.twitter.com/KOCphuBsSir Goat Boy
here at mactan international airport cebu. flight delayed, oh well, im just gonna give it a smirk http://pic.twitter.com/XRN9V2gZJason Fajardo
Flight delayed -_- http://pic.twitter.com/Qo5G43mYMikeSoFly
My flight is delayed…. Sooo annoying… Flying to Korea is cold and hard!!! http://pic.twitter.com/zm6mSJt9Haha So Much

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