Flying south? You’ll need Homeland Security clearance first -

Flying south? You’ll need Homeland Security clearance first

Canadian airlines will soon have to forward passenger lists to U.S. for approval


A word of caution for Canadians planning to fly to, from or over America: whether or not you’re allowed to board the plane will soon be up to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Starting in December, Canadian airlines will have to transfer personal information of passengers to Homeland Security as part of Secure Flight, the U.S.’s newest weapon in the war on terror. Though Secure Flight was part of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which was adopted by the U.S. Congress in 2004, Canadian Parliament has yet to weigh in on the program—either formally or informally. Despite the Montreal Gazette’s attempts to procure a comment from Canadian authorities, the best the paper could garner was this, from David Charbonneau, a Public Safety Canada spokesperson: “Canada works in partnership with the United States, as well as with other allies, on aviation safety and security. Canada’s approach will continue to balance the privacy rights of travellers with the need to keep the public safe from terrorist and other threats to the air transportation system.” While U.S. officials maintain that the program will reduce the number of false positives on no-fly lists, some say it risks branding innocents as suspected terrorists. Although personal information of passengers that don’t match the watch list will be purged within 72 hours, the information of those deemed a “potential match” will be retained for seven years. Passengers deemed to be “positive match” can expect their information to remain on file for 99 years.

Montreal Gazette

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Flying south? You’ll need Homeland Security clearance first

  1. Fortunately, I doubt their tourism industry needs my dollars anyway.

  2. screw it stay out of america, its getting absurd

    • It's not just the US, its anyone who flies over their airspace. Paranoid or what.

  3. when is this american idiocy going to stop? stay home and enjoy the beauty of canada

  4. You dont have to go to the US to be on the list just to pass over it.Many of us have to pass over the US on our way across Canada.One more step on American ruling Canada. ON GUARD

  5. And when is Canada going to reciprocate & have all Americans airlines checked when they leave/enter the U.S. when flying the polar routes over Canada to/from Alaska, Europe, & Asia. This is simply a media ruse to deflect American attention away from the real problem … pathetic security at their own airfields & terminals. Well maybe it is better that we do it. At least we can put on a world Olympic events without bombs going off! Time to vacation in more sane parts os the world.

  6. you canadiens are pathetic. america is the number one terrorist target in the world, and canada is a prime avenue to reach their target. it makes perfect sense that such an avenue be protected against. homeland security can get the job done, maybe they think canadien security isn't up to the task.


    • No Irr, it's YOU who are pathetic. Ask yourself WHY America is "the number one terrorist target in the world".

      • nonsequitur

  7. Whoa!, this is going to cause problems. However, it is their country, and they have every right to do this. And we have to realize that Canada is well known for it's "Open Door" Immigration Policy which has proven to allow Terrorists in and as we all know some of them have been caught at the Border. Right after 911 CISIS confirmed there were 53 known Terrorist Cells present in Canada! Are they being watched 24/7? I sure hope so!

    • Whatever happened to the "land of the free"? I guess that ended with Bush's Patriot Act. Homeland Security should stay in the homeland and out of Canada!

    • here here. if canada wants to enter our airspace they have to follow our rules. plain and simple. deal with it Canada.

  8. Cliff, there is no such thing as the land of the free. Be it called Government, Parliment, or what ever brand name the powers to be choose to put on it. The land of the free was gone long before Bush, it went away when the US Federal government declared the states and every territory land they took possession of after that. Think about the definition of Free and I am not referring to a politicians definition. Then find a peace of land on this planet that does not have some sort of government or ruler claim to that land and you will find the land of the free. But it sure is not in the United States

  9. Its easy to point fingers, but we all have our issues. Whether it be Canada, the United States or Mexico. Every country has their own personalized issues and no one has anything they can rightfully say on the other. Thats the biggest problem now, its the all about us show until your country gets hit with a major desaster. Who do you call