Foes of Tories getting together near Conservative policy convention next month -

Foes of Tories getting together near Conservative policy convention next month


OTTAWA – Imagine if the people who rankle you the most decided to hold a party on the same day as yours, and just down the street.

That will be the case for the Conservatives next month as some of Canada’s best known left-leaning activists organize a conference a kilometre away from the big Tory policy convention in Calgary.

Environmentalist David Suzuki, Council of Canadians chairwoman Maude Barlow, Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence and union leader Paul Moist are among those scheduled to attend the so-called “Pros and Cons” conference.

Even activist Brigette DePape — the former Senate page who held up a “Stop Harper” sign during the last throne speech — will be on hand for the Nov. 1 event.

The organizers say the conference is designed to inform people about the impacts of Conservative policies, and discuss possible alternatives.

Suzuki in particular has been the subject of much derision inside the Conservative movement, criticized for his vigorous opposition to oil pipeline development.

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Foes of Tories getting together near Conservative policy convention next month

  1. “Pros and Cons” conference…..cute

    I notice the Libs are ignoring both of them. LOL

  2. ROFL!!!! too funny Suzuki send me money because santa will drown due to global warming – oops it isn’t really sorry kids he really should apologize for that one – then we have Chief Still IDLE while she keeps a tight rein on the budget for the band – eeeek!!!! – and a girl who wasn’t old enough to vote let alone get her name in the news because of a childish prank – this is the enemy list gathered to battle Harper – HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! – if this is indicative of Harpers opposition then he will be sitting in the PM’s chair for as long as he wants the job !!!!!!! – I wonder if they realize that at a certain point if you represent a cause that you have to make a decision – is the important thing achieving something for your cause OR getting a page one spot in the news that night!! Every year that goes by Suzuki destroys his own reputation and harms his cause (thank god) I feel sorry for the band members on the reserve especiallly those not on the family and friends list – and don’t care about silly young people.

    • Moe De Pape,Larry Spence,Curly Suzuki.

  3. Think De Pape would be a natural for that topless protest group maybe Spence if they wanted a gay following

  4. Canada is pretty much foreign owned, anyway. Resources, resource jobs and all. Nothing is going to save this country, unless Harper sells the rest of Canada out. Foreign investments have dropped from $27 billion down to $2 billion. While Harper is in Asia, he will likely give more of Canada away. China was given another oil company. This time it was Novus Energy.

    The World Banks have a list of 250 companies, banned from global projects. 117 of those companies are Canadian. Romania has had a protest against Canada. They don’t want Canada’s mining company in Romania either. In a South American country, there was a protest of 29,000 people, protesting Canada over there as well. World Organizations, have also banned Harper.

    Many of us were used to, the good democratic Canada. Respected around the world and welcomed. Canada is now, a cesspool of corruption. The lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty politics, dirty tactics and cheating to win, is what Canada has become these days.

    • Amazing. You complain about high levels of foreign ownership, yet rue the drop in foreign investment – in the same sentence! That’s the most spectacular demonstration of cognitive dissonance I’ve seen in a long time. Well done.

      One correction though – the foreign investment drop from $27 billion to $2 billion is in the oil industry only. It’s not total foreign investment.

      Now, explain this to me. How does one prevent foreign ownership while increasing foreign investment? Considering that foreign investment = foreign ownership by definition, this explanation might be a little difficult.