Foiled U.S. Capitol plot is further proof that wannabe terrorists are dim


FBI agents posing as al-Qaeda operatives just busted a man who was going to blow himself up on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., according to the Washington Post:

Amine el-Khalifi, 29, was picked up while carrying an inoperable MAC-10 automatic weapon and a fake suicide vest provided to him by undercover FBI agents.

The young Moroccan man reportedly entered the U.S. when he was 16, and overstayed his tourist visa by thirteen years, living as an illegal immigrant in northern Virginia. His arrest today was “the culmination of a lengthy and extensive operation,” says a statement released by Capitol Police.

The Wall Street Journal, however, reports that the FBI’s Washington field office said the suspect “never posed a danger to the public.” Perhaps that’s because, as far as terrorists go, el-Khalifi was not the sharpest tool in the shed. He fell for the exact same trick the FBI used two years ago on Farooque Ahmed, who happily went along with a mock plot to bomb the D.C. metro. Ahmed seemed enthusiastic about the idea, in fact, providing the undercover agents with video of northern Virginia subway stations, suggesting the use of rolling suitcases rather than backpacks to make sure the explosion would kill as many people as possible, and offering to donate money for al-Qaeda’s overseas operations.

Here’s hoping the bad guys never figure it out.

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Foiled U.S. Capitol plot is further proof that wannabe terrorists are dim

  1. The fact that Radical Islamists have so many operatives on the ground in N. America and W. Europe proves the dimness (or dhimminess) of pro-immigration politicians.  It’s nice that a lot of would-be terrorists are dumber than dirt but we can’t always count on that stopping them from wrecking havoc.  Why do dirtbag politicians insist on open immigration when they know perfectly that this means opening the door to thousands of wannabe terrorists every year?   

    • Yes, why would the government let in Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Eric Robert Rudolph, Tom Manning, Theordore Kaczynski, Bruce Edward Ivans, Scott Roeder, Nidal Malik Hasan, Andrew Joseph Stack, or any of the many other terrorists the US has had to deal with into the country.

      Oh right.. they were born there, that’s why.

      • Pretty sure we jailed/executed most of those guys. 

  2. – the really dim ones are the mass of halfwits being led around by the nose by such media nonsense …

  3. If he … “never posed a danger to the public”, why was  “…a lengthy and extensive operation” necessary?  Can you say entrapment?  This sounds to me like over-active, over-achieving, agents getting overly excited about some half-wit dim-bulb.

    Glad to see they’re on the job. I feel so much better now.

  4. ” The fact that Radical Islamists have so many operatives on the ground…”
    They are sympathizers, not ‘operatives’.
    He broke the law when he got here by overstaying his visa – that’s not an immigration issue, it’s a law enforcement one. But don’t let that ruin a perfectly good racist rant.

  5. Didn’t read your story. Needn’t bother. The presumption of innocence and the right to a trial, have been sacrificed by the right wing, billionaire media, in the White Christian jihad against 15th century coloured Muslims. Terrorism, like weapons of mass destruction, is the exclusive domain of white Jesus lovers. When White Christians go to war against White Christians we call them World Wars when they should be called White Christian World Wars. Those were 20th century wars but in the 18th and 19th centuries there were White Christian European Wars heavily involved in the Western Hemisphere and most of Asia. In fact, since 1492, White European Christians have treated the planet as a turkey shoot while in constant battle with fellow White European Christians for the right to plunder conquered natives. The majority of people on Earth live in the Bronze Age while the seven per cent that are White live in the 21st century. Getting into bed with the Jews to kill the Muslims seems superfluous. We already own them. They do as they’re told. There’ll always be some that git uppity. What are they going to do? Fly a plane into a building? Sorry, Whitey invented that and does it more often than anybody. Why do we pick on Muslims? Same reason why White Christians built and operated the crematorium for the Jews–because we could. Same reason we invaded every nation on earth–because we could. We’re not stupid. Like all bullies, we only pick on the weak. We ran away from that White Christian Hitler for years, even helped him exterminate the Jews. It’s only when he tried to kill us, did we get scared. You don’t want fifty million White Christians hunting you. My God! There’s nothing sacred. They’ll use mustard gas, nuclear weapons, small pox anything so they won’t have to risk their cowardly knives. You’ll never see them pass around the exacto knives.

    • Careful, there might be a goat crossing your bridge while you’re away.

    • But other than that, white Christians are OK, right? By the way, you don’t capitalize ‘white’. 

  6. Is it possible that Islam is less of a religion than a political movement?  Is it possible that Islam is less of a political movement than a criminal organization?  Certainly these three entities have their share of the dim ones.  To me, those who concentrate on the threats of violence by the adherants of Islam are missing, or at least downplaying, the greater existential threat. Thus a greater, more devastating, dimness may exist in the mass of Western thought. One needs only to observe the atrocities world-wide carried out in the name of Islam and the lies spewed by its supporters.

    •  “Is it possible that Islam is less of a religion than a political
      movement?  Is it possible that Islam is less of a political movement
      than a criminal organization?”

      Good post – one cold make the same inference about the Catholic Church that so many westerners hold so dear but don’t scrutinize to nearly the same degree.

  7. Find a couple who had a messy divorce, Lure one of them to kill his or her ex , and you have a would be murderer. This kind of entrapment is illegal in civilized countries but America is the greatest. specially finding a would be terrorist who happens to be a Muslim is a dream come true for those who thrive  on hatred and war mongering , there is no shortage of those good for nothing morons in the great good America who will gloat over these successful mousetraps. a sick nation obsessed with wars and bloodshed is trying to retain its lost glory that is slipping lower and lower into the gutters of history.

    • Or maybe he really was a nut case who needed to be caught and put away. Setting traps for criminals is not the same as “entrapment”. Learn the difference. 

      • They make up the plan.
        They provide the materials to execute the plan.
        Are you seriously saying their agents do absolutely nothing to encourage people to execute their plan?  That they just send agents in to infiltrate, and then if nobody happens to come to them to start a terrorist attack, they don’t provide any encouragement?

        Appropriate moniker.

  8. OH NO! a pretend bomb! And a disabled gun! Provided to a pretend terrorist by the US government! Raise the threat level!!!
    More like raise the budget for this fine piece of work……..