For Generation Text, books are so five minutes ago -

For Generation Text, books are so five minutes ago

Kids are reading websites, emails, more often than novels


Finally, a study has quantified a concern that parents and educators have often voiced: today’s kids are more likely to surf the web than pick up a novel. The findings on the literary shortcomings of Generation Text came from Britain’s National Literacy Trust, which examined the reading habits of kids aged nine to 14. The NLT found that less that only 42 per cent of boys and 48 per cent of girls read fiction more than once a month. But when it comes to “virtual reading,” the number is much higher, with nearly 60 per cent of boys and girls reading websites more than once a month, 45 per cent of boys and 59 per cent of girls reading emails, and 43 per cent of boys and 55 per cent of girls reading social networking sites in that time period. Magazines were also more popular than novels, which came in fifth place overall. Experts point to these reading habits as potentially detrimental to kids’ ability to concentrate and study.

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For Generation Text, books are so five minutes ago

  1. I'm a voracious reader, but when I was going to school, as far as I know, few kids read books. At the same time though, the Internet was in it infancy so few kids spent time on the Internet either. At least now kids uninterested in reading books have another option. Fiction isn't everyone's thing.

    The real concern with this is that users of social networking sites tend to completely ignoring grammar and spelling.

    • That was precisely my thought. I'd bet if you look back twenty years and compare only the percentage of kids those ages who read fiction, the numbers probably haven't changed much.

  2. At the age of 29 (30 next month), I guess I am still considered a 'kid'. We first got internet at home when I was 16 (in 1996) and I don't think I've read more than about 15 books since. Of course, there's no control 'me' to say that had we not had internet, I would be any more voracious of a reader. I just don't have the attention to read a whole book. Other than potentially stifling my imagination (which could be a big issue), I don't see that it has stopped me functioning in society. I have 2 Master's degrees and a good job. And by the way, I didn't read books for my Master's either – I was much more into cramming from the powerpoint slides. I actually find it a shame that I can't concentrate and do something that used to be as normal as 'just' reading a book, and it's even worse that I am not the only one.