For some girls, puberty keeps coming sooner and sooner -

For some girls, puberty keeps coming sooner and sooner

American study shows the average puberty age for whites and Latinas may still be dropping


More than ten years ago, a study found American girls were beginning puberty as early as age 7. A new study in the journal Pediatrics suggests the average age at which puberty begins may still be falling for white and Latina girls: almost 15 per cent of Latina girls have reached a stage of breast development marking the onset of puberty by age 7, as have more than 10 per cent of white girls and 25 per cent of African American girls. These percentages are higher than those in the landmark 1997 study, which reported that girls were beginning puberty at earlier ages than in the mid-20th century. Compared with the 1997 data, the age at which puberty begins did not fall for African American girls, although they still mature at younger ages than white or Latina girls. Causes for the diminishing age of puberty include an increase in average body weight among children, which is thought to increase the blood levels of estrogens that promote breast development; diets that are increasingly high in sugar and fat, along with declining physical activity and exposure to endocrine disrupters; and the increased presence of environmental chemicals that affect hormones.

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For some girls, puberty keeps coming sooner and sooner

  1. Why is "Latina" capitalized and "whites" is not?

    • I would imagine that "Latina" refers to a culture whereas "white" refers to a colour. So, while you may have only been addressing a possible punctuation problem the root runs deep. There is no "white" culture, the most white people have is a website about stuff they like.

      O, and whites have online commenting.

      I had to scroll up to remember what this article is actually about.

      • Yay racism!

        It's impossible to not have a culture–it's like saying something doesn't have a colour.

  2. (1) The link is wrong. Here's the correct one: link

    (2) Interestingly, the article makes no mention whatsoever of the established fact that the most obvious "endocrine disrupter" – estrogen itself – is present in much of the public water supply in North America at levels found to cause significant changes to animal development…..and one significant source of this contamination is the pill, which not only contains estrogen in concentrated doses, but the estrogen is then excreted by the user and is largely unaffected by wastewater treatment.

  3. It would be interesting to see some international comparisons – perhaps to figure out if environmental factors are at play as well as diet and exercise.

  4. I'm pretty sure that each girl only goes through puberty once, so to say it keeps coming sooner and sooner seems to be misleading.

    • Darn, the headline brought me here to offer that very snark. Beaten by seven hours!