For teens, low-dose pill may not be best

Study finds birth control with less estrogen may interfere with bone growth


When it comes to birth control, it’s widely believed that the lower the hormone dose, the better. But according to a new study, pills with lower levels of estrogen may interfere with the bone development of teenagers. Dr. Jan Stepan of Charles University in Prague found that teens who took low-dose pills experienced lower levels of bone growth and bone density compared with those who took higher-dose pills. The reason, says Stepan, is that lower levels of estrogen suppress the body’s release of the hormone but does not fully replace it.

ABC News

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For teens, low-dose pill may not be best

  1. The study appears flawed because the real value of the study would be comparing the bone density of those on the pill to those who have nevern been on the pill. As written, you'd think girls need to take birth control in order to increase their bone density, which would be terribly misleading. In truth, there is never a reason to take birth control pills, since among other things it leads to stroke, breast cancer, and the death of newly formed embryonic life.

  2. In truth, there is tremendous ignorance about "birth control pills" and the fact they are also prescribed to women who experience irregular and debilitating menstrual cycles and other related conditions that have nothing to do with killing an embryonic life.

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