Rob Ford sorry for televised vulgar language; says he was seeing 'red' -

Rob Ford sorry for televised vulgar language; says he was seeing ‘red’

Mayor threatens legal action against former staff members


Warning, the second video in this post contains strong language.

TORONTO – In the space of a few hours Thursday, Rob Ford spouted an obscenity on live TV, refused to apologize then did apologize, was scolded by Canada’s oldest football team for wearing its jersey while making the remarks, and begged the media to give his family privacy — his seldom-seen-in-public wife by his side.

The latest actions by Toronto’s besieged mayor set off another chorus of demands by politicians for him to leave — not just get help, but to resign for the good of the city.

Ford stubbornly refused.

The dizzying cascade of events began as Ford arrived at city hall — sporting a blue No. 12 Toronto Argonauts uniform with ‘Mayor Ford’ in white letters on the back.

As TV cameras broadcast live, Ford used crude language to deny allegations that he told a female aide he was going to have oral sex with her. A staffer told police Ford also said he had already had sex with the female aide, court documents say.

“I’ve never said that in my life to her, I would never do that,” Ford said to astonished reporters.

“I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”

Ford, 44, the father of two children, did say he was receiving support from a team of health-care professionals, but refused to elaborate.

Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong, who sponsored a motion Wednesday urging Ford to take a leave of absence, called the mayor’s language “completely unacceptable” and said it was high time he resigned.

“He used the P-word in a very derogatory way,” Minnan-Wong said.

“The mayor of our city should not be using language like that, he shouldn’t be speaking about women like that.”

Initially, Ford stood by his vulgar comments.

“If you’re offended, I’m not apologizing, because put yourself in my shoes if someone said that about your husband or your wife,” he shouted during a council session.

According to sections of court documents released Wednesday, an ex-staffer told police an intoxicated Ford made the vulgar comments at a downtown restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day last year.

The alleged incident was one of several in the document that reported questionable or bizarre behaviour by Ford: drunk driving, sniffing cocaine, and apparently consorting with sex workers.

Ford called the allegations outright lies.

Later in the day, with his wife Renata nearby, the mayor apologized for what he called his impulsive and “graphic” remarks blamed on months of mostly self-inflicted stress culminating in the latest revelations that he said pushed him over the line.

“When you attack my integrity as a father and as a husband, I see red,” he said.

As media trailed her into the city hall basement, Renata Ford came to his defence, saying he did not need to step down, because “that’s why we have elections.”

Ford railed against suggestions that he had taken a woman suspected to be a prostitute to city hall, and denied a woman with him at a restaurant was a paid escort named Alana.

“I don’t appreciate people calling Alana a prostitute,” said Ford, who called her a friend.

“I can’t put up with it any more. Litigation will be starting shortly.”

Ford named three former staffers: chief of staff Mark Towhey, special assistant Isaac Ransom, and spokesman George Christopolous.

He also said he would take action against a waiter who — according to the documents — told police he saw Ford and a woman snorting cocaine in a private room at the restaurant.

Noted libel lawyer Julian Porter said a defamation suit would have little chance of success because people are protected when they talk to police as long as they don’t maliciously invent anything.

Ford did say he “might have” done some drinking and driving but, as he has done frequently, immediately went on the offensive.

“I’m not perfect. Maybe you are but I’m not, OK?” he told journalists. “I know none of you guys have ever, ever had a drink and got behind the wheel.”

Police Chief Bill Blair dodged questions as to why authorities didn’t act if they knew Ford had been drinking and driving.

“Where there is reasonable and probable grounds to lay a charge, that takes place,” Blair said, adding the mayor did not receive special treatment.

The Toronto Argonauts released a statement saying they were “disappointed” at the mayor for using coarse language on live television while wearing the CFL team’s jersey.

Ford’s vulgarity also drew wide condemnation from fellow councillors.

“Absolutely deplorable, disgusting, appalling, unacceptable, offensive, atrocious to our city, to women, to everyone,” said Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon.

“He needs to duct-tape himself.”

On Wednesday, council overwhelmingly passed Minnan-Wong’s motion asking Ford to take a leave.

Council will hold a special meeting Friday to try to strip Ford of his mayoral powers and hand them to the deputy mayor.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said she would consult with the opposition parties before deciding whether to intervene if city council clearly indicates it can’t function as a result of the Ford scandal.


Rob Ford sorry for televised vulgar language; says he was seeing ‘red’

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • Sure, make it a race thing.

      • LOL

  2. “more than enough to eat at home.”


    Just when I think Ford has lost the ability to make me spit coffee all over my computer… he steps up to the plate and hits it out of the park.

    He. Is. Somethin’.

    • All about the portion size.

  3. Question for the press or an actual lawyer: just how viable would it be to sue people for private testimony made to police in confidence that is only public ’cause a Judge ruled it to be so?

    The whole thing strikes as a move to try and force people to recant in order to avoid unnecessary legal costs. Oh, and do we have Anti-SLAPP legislation here? (ie: can Ford be countersued for bringing a frivolous lawsuit in an attempt to silence dissent/criticism?)

    • I’m guessing you are right on the intimidation factor, and my guess is he did not seek legal advice before saying this. In fact I’m guessing he has ignored any legal advice he has received.

    • I don’t practice libel law, but Ford would likely have to prove that the staffers knew the statements were untrue and made them in a deliberate attempt to harm Ford’s reputation. That’s a pretty high bar. One thing that you have to notice is that he didn’t name all the staffers who made allegations – notably omitted was Chris Fickel, who the documents are reported to say described having seen Ford smoke pot, drink alcohol while driving, and order office staff to get him Vodka and other sundries.

    • He risks many other issues being discovered in the process.

  4. A lot of clicking of shutters in the video, especially towards the end,

    • They should be jailed for obstructing the normal operation of City business.

  5. Just more bully boy bellowing for the benefit of the bobble head buyers.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that evidence provided to the police as part of an investigation and subsequently released by the presiding judge is covered by qualified privilege and not actionable.

  6. …BEST…MAYOR…EVER!!!!!

    • I hope you are being sarcastic. If not, I suspect you’re on the same drugs as Ford.

      • Well, all the bars, liquor stores, massage parlours, shifty looking guys on my street corner, etc, etc aren’t all supported by Ford alone.

        He’s a man of the people.

        He’s like Batman..or Robin Hood…maybe even Jesus and if he gets crucified he will be resurrected as :

        Prime Minister Ford.

        • In your dreams.

          • What are you going to do, call in NDP super lawyer Clayton Ruby to take another crack at trying to finish him off with a “Heigh Ho Supreme Court.”

            I can’t wait.

    • 30 comedians agree.

  7. This comment was deleted.

    • Really Bill? It seems as though you’re actually trying to come to the defense of this silver spoon-fed, overgrown gangsta wannabe. In spite of all your folksy, blue-collar bleating, you’re risking alienating your base (assuming you have one) by hitching your wagon to a narcissistic, self-indulgent slimeball like this.
      Yes, he’s being exposed from all angles, but that’s on HIM, not on the people he has victimized, threatened, intimidated, or otherwise caused harm to by direction to his criminal flunkies. My guess is the iceberg has only barely been sighted.

      You have historically had a nose for picking your battles. Now it seems you’re just picking your nose.
      Perhaps a little ginkgo biloba might lift the fog, old-timer?

      • I watched the video. My take on it is that Ford has decided to get as down and dirty with his detractors as they have with him, and suddenly people find it offensive. Sucks to be them, I guess. Is he guilty of all the nasty stuff mentioned? I’d say probably. But, to our knowledge, he doesn’t beat his wife or kids, kick the dog, or torture stray cats. And, he doesn’t steal public funds, which puts him a leg up on almost any elected Liberal in the country.
        Look at the big picture here. McGuinty and Wynne conspired to shove all the provincial taxes paid by ten thousand Ontario families down the memory hole IN PERPETUITY because they saw that it might swing two ridings in tight election, but Rob Ford is a big story? Sorry, that dog ain’t huntin’ in my books.
        After all, the main theme of the anti-Fordistas always seems to be that he’s “embarassing Toronto”. Really? Ever heard of the Maple Leafs? Or Jack Layton? Suck it up, sisters.
        PS: Macleans? Really? You found that derogatory or offensive? Wow. Just wow.

        • “And, he doesn’t steal public funds”
          Using his office staff to run personal errands is a violation of the city’s Code of Conduct. I think a argument could be made the he IS “stealing public funds”. If he feels he needs a personal assistant to do his liquor runs, pick up his dry cleaning, purchase groceries for his wife & change light bulbs/batteries in his children’s toys, maybe he should pay for a personal assistant OUT OF HIS OWN MONEY!

          • I’d bet 20 that every Toronto mayor in the last 30 years has most likely had their city-funded personal assistant doing all those same things to greater and lesser degrees, so that turkey don’t fly without at least a little background exam.
            Don’t forget, the Rob Ford saga has been a death spiral from day one, in large part because the established left in Toronto decided the day after the election that Ford’s victory was somehow illegitimate simply because he wasn’t the left wing candidate. I choose not to beleive a good portion of he current accusations simply because the left openly declared war on Ford a few years back and made it clear that no accusation is too outlandish to hurl.
            I had a boss a few years back who was Rob Ford’s long lost twin in many ways. Unlike Ford, he is a thief. He is as warm and fuzzy as Ford. Even looks like him. Same personality type for sure, so sure, I believe Ford can be a very loose cannon when liquored up. But, I’d be willing to bet that a good chunk of what he has been accused of is pure fabrication simply because many of his accuses made it clear that they would fabricate facts if need be to hound him from office.

          • Yes, a number of people could be considered to “have it in for him” not because he’s not left wing, but because they recognized Ford for what he is & didn’t buy into his BS “of the people” shtick. Ford could only be considered a man of the people if one views the people as foolish, boorish & ignorant. When people use that phrase they are usually referring to working-class people, which Ford is most definitely not. I come from a working class family & grew up in a working class neighbourhood, so I KNOW working-class. Ford has more formal education than both myself & my family, but we all have far more actual education than he does – our education process didn’t stop when we left school, we’ve travelled, read & listened to other points of view. Working class doesn’t value liars & Ford lies until he’s backed into a corner. And what facts do you think are fabricated? That he’s smoked crack, purchased illegal drugs, driven while drinking – sorry, he’s admitted to all of those “accusations”. As to your assertion that he doesn’t beat his wife? Well there have been a few “domestic” calls to his home over the years.

          • Break it down for us, William the 3rd. Which accusations specifically do you believe Ford is being falsely accused of?

          • I’d bet the descriptions of public drunkenness are likely overblown to the point of fiction, for one. The whole “p—y eating” accusation just doesn’t add up in my books.
            Look, the guy is apparently fairly successful. In spite of the plethora of baboons such as my former CEO, it’s actually quite uncommon for guys who are grossly boorish to actually be successful. Instead, they have a track record of short successes followed by business failures. (Gee, I used to work for this guy…)
            What happens is that other successful types don’t want to do business with them, simply because they learn that it can go off the rails too easily.
            Now, the biggest problem, in my gut, with the whole Rob Ford fiasco is that it’s a distraction. Toronto, and the national media need to get over it. So he’s a buffoon? Yeah, so? Step back from the screen a notch and ask what kind of embarassment might have come to Toronto if another mayoral candidate’s sexual proclivities had been brought into the spotlight? That would have been just as embarassing as Ford-o is. What about Jack Layton and 187 Dundas Street? What if Jack! had decided to become mayor? What if he had become PM?
            Step back even further. In the same time period that th national media has fixated on Rob Ford, it has conveniently ignored the Charbonneau Commission. You could pull a lake freighter with the chain linking The Mob to the Quebec provincial legislature, and every day brings us closer to proving my long-held assertion that the Mafia has its hooks deep into the Liberal Party of Canada, and likely several federal departments as a result.
            And guess what? The Rob Ford s–t show is the most important news story in the country? It simply erodes my already eroded respect for the journalistic trade.
            Shoot, I think Toronto should be damned happy they’re stuck wih Ford instead of the Mob. My guess is he’s way,way less expensive

          • It’s OK Bill – you can say it: p-u-p-p-y.

            Personally it’s not my cup of canine, but I hear it’s quite the delicacy in some countries.

        • As I paused, incredulous, I recalled an excerpt from the testimony of a surviving crewman on the Titanic, who overheard a passenger reassuring his wife after they felt a bump:
          “Don’t worry, lovey – this beauty’s indestructible!”
          ~William H. Greenwood~
          Then I recalled my entry-level bio-genetics course on inherited traits, yawned, and moved on.

  8. Do I agree with the mayor using drugs and alcohol…no, but this is clearly the media going too far and having nothing better to do which is pathetic. I would rather have Ford in office because he has actually done his job and this weasel minnan-Wong……what has he done? Everyone is mad because for once we don’t have some stiff in office who just “plays the role” and who has hit people who are abusing the city where it hurts. If all the other councillors are perfect and have never made a mistake in their lives than speak up, if not…..shut up because I’m quite sure that they have a few things they are hiding as well……perhaps we should have cameras following all of them and watching their every move and see how long it takes for them to snap………seeing as the media has nothing better to do than to “bully” Ford which is exactly what it is now. Don’t we have bigger issues going on in the world right now that demand more attention?? I think so. The media is making our so called “wonderful city” look bad now not Ford. This city is far from wonderful…..there are some great people but whoever saysbthisnis a friendly place is living in a dream world. I would vote for Ford simply based on the fact the he does his JOB which is more than I can say for some of the other political puppets he works with……those are the losers you should concentrate on.

    • What, exactly, do you see as him “doing his job”?

      Is it forcing citizens out of a bus into the rain so that he can use it for his football team?

      Is it having multiple proposals shot down by the rest of the elected representatives because they were, at best, unrealistic, or, more usually, asinine?

      Perhaps you think it’s his job to lie directly to the press and the people of the city, call them names for asking him questions about his behavior, and then when it’s revealed the behavior he was lying about really did happen, call it past history and not worth talking about?

      I dunno. What’s his “JOB” in your eyes that he’s been doing that others haven’t?

      • The bus! How trivial and petty

        His job simply is to save tax payers money, put a halt to the “gravy train” as he said he would before elected……..who else has put the city in the black? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

        I guess the lying makes him like most other politicians than other than the fact that he doesn’t walk around like a scripted robot “playing” the role of a fake…as far as calling people names……so what…..I guess your skin is quite thin because if you were attacked the same way than you may react the same way.

        Again his job simply is to come to work……..which he does and fulfill what you said you were going to do………he gets shut down because its a personal thing with his so called fellow workers……..what other clown do you think can do his job.

        Like I said, shame on him for the drugs and alcohol but I can beat there are plenty of hypocrits that he works with that should not be flapping their gums along with the many hypocrits that are citizens of this city

        • So placing citizens behind others for a sports team is trivial. May I ask, if those on the bus just happened to be Black and he forced them off the bus so Whites could get ride would you be saying the same thing?

          His job, is to represent all of the people all of the time and because of people like you, we have politicians who refuse to even measure to that simple standard

        • ……..who else has put the city in the black?
          The Council.
          Rob doesn’t run the city alone. If he can’t win over council, his projects never see liht. And that happened with a number of them.
          Further, a fair number of things he opposed went through anyway.
          City council is a team, albeit it a dysfunctional one. The overall performance is a team effort (though you may be able to cherry-pick individual items and say “the Mayor did this” or “Councillor X is responsible for that”).
          Rob makes a lot of noise, but if you look closely, he hasn’t really been as effective as he & Doug claim. Look past the self-aggrandisement. The truth is out there (and more so each day).

          • Notice none of the Ford supporters ever offer up any numbers.

          • Well here’s some numbers for you toots,

            When Miller showed up in 2004 the liabilities of the City totalled $5.9 billion, by the time Miller was finished in 2010 that number had more than doubled to $12.5 billion, an increase of $6.6 billion and he accomplished that by only give us a tax increase of just under 30%.

            Now in 2010, the last year of Miller the taxes levied for municipal purposes amounted to .6017% of total assessment in 2012 Ford’s efforts had reduced that burden to .5492% of total assessment. Those percentages mean that without Ford hammering City Council, the tax levy in 2012 would have been at least $360 million higher.

            The tax and assessment numbers come from Sched 26, line 9199 of the audited financial statements. The liabilities come from Sched 70, line 9940

            On top of that we had no $400,000 pay toilets, no rat infested garbage strikes in the middle of summer with the temperatures at 90F.

          • Coincidentally, 9940 is the same number of lines a waiter at a strip club saw Ford snorting off a “dancer’s” ass-ets.

          • And there was Daisy chain Gord Perks third in line, whining and sniffing and complaining that his big 300 pound NDP kindergarten teacher never taught him to count as high as 9940. That was a bummer, I’ll bet.

          • You can’t say that Ford “saved” money based on a supposition of what might have happened with a different Mayor. That’s just pure fantasy, Try reading some unbiased analysis of what Ford has & hasn’t done for the city.

          • The “different” Mayor in this case is Goofy Miller, so I not only can say it, I just did, and I’ll say it again!

            Go sniff some NDP.

          • OK, I’ll be clearer. Since David Miller didn’t run for a 3rd term any
            speculation on your part of what might have happened under Miller is PURE FANTASY, (BTW, if Miller has run, polls showed that he would have handily beaten your boy Rob.)

          • The “different” Mayor in this case is Goofy Miller, so I not only can say it, I just did, and I’ll say it again!

            In 2010, the last year of Miller the taxes levied for municipal purposes amounted to .6017% of total assessment. In 2012 Ford’s efforts had reduced that burden to .5492% of total assessment. Those percentages mean that without Ford hammering City Council, the tax levy in 2012 would have been at least $360 million higher.

            Miller’s tax increases are why Rob Ford was elected to put a stop to it. So BTW your statement that Miller would have beaten my good man Rob Ford, is pure speculation.

            Therefore go sniff some NDP and raise another statue or two in honour of Rubber Jack Layton.

          • Yeah, Ford has only one vote but contrary to what you want to load us up with he’s been plenty effective.

            You put him down for making a lot of noise but that noise has allowed him to expose the NDP infested council for the tax and spend plunderers they are.

            Ford has put the fear of Harry into those wastrels because they know if they keep it up everyone on the face of the earth will know about it and out the door they’ll go without hope of ever sucking the public purse again.

            If we drive this man out over a load of hooey, it will be at our absolute peril. Without Rob Ford riding herd over those bums it will be back to incompetence and $400,000 pay toilets at the blink of an eye.

          • So there’s not a single other right-leaning person in the city who could lead the charge? What about his shadow, Doug? I’ve always thought he’s the one actually in charge anyway.

          • What’s your point?

            Rob Ford is decent good man – he’s doing a very good job on the numbers – he’s being railroaded by the screeching Marxist NDP left.

            On account of all that – he has my support 100%

            But on top of that I’m incensed that the NDP has flagrantly introduced dirty abusive party politics to City Council. It’s not in my best interest.

          • Ummm, would that be the same railroad that’s been hauling carloads of crack to Robbie’s house?

          • Yeah! In the good old days it used to haul 13 year old Asian bimbos to Jack

            Jack would take off his Star Trek uniform and put on a polka dot railroad hat.

          • Really? The left has been supplying his booze & drugs in order to make him look like a buffoon? They have been coaching him on how to lie & deny? How to be a foul-mouthed idiot?

            You know, I think if they had that much power, they’d simply take over.

          • “They’d simply take over”

            And what do you think just happened pookie?

          • Since council used to have lots of Ford supporters, I’d say the right-wingers just woke up and realized that backing someone they would otherwise want jailed just because he’s “one of us” makes them look like hypocrites.

            No one, of any political stripe, deserves support when they behave as Ford does. You have to be uber-partisan NOT to see that.

          • I’m not being “uber partison” at all, vielen danke!

            I’ve simply adopted the standards set by the NDP.

            I didn’t think anyone of any political stripe was deserving of support when they behaved as Jack Layton did. But here we find respectable moral arbiters like you running around honouring him with public statues.

            So where’s a fine bronze statue of Rob Ford, if you don’t mind?

          • Nice try, but I was never much of a fan of Jack. But feel free to erect a statue to Ford when he dies.

          • Yeah, all the Jack fans have suddenly become staunch Ford supporters disgusted by what he’s done.

            You NDP clowns are the goofiest wretches on earth.

          • Don’t know where you get the idea I’m NDP… or that I’m a Ford supporter (pretend or otherwise). Have never been either.

          • Yeah, decent good men smoke crack, buy illegal drugs, drive while drinking & then lie about these things until they’re caught. And oh yeah, let’s not forget the vulgarity broadcast to the world. Yep, those are the words of a decent good man alright!

          • If you want to see something vulgar you should see the tapes of Jack fleeing from the vice squad with the rear end chopped out of his Star Trek uniform by a door chopping fire axe.

            Go sniff some NDP and raise a few more statues to the great man. Let’s have one on every street corner.

        • Actually, according to staff he doesn’t always come to work.

          • What staff would that be, the ones that got themselves canned?

            Try something else. I called down there one time about a street matter. When they told me he would call me back, I said he can call me any time before 2am. He called me at 10pm.

            So don’t tell me he’s not working because on top of that he’s been on the radio conducting City business almost every Sunday for the last 2 years and with travelling back and forth to down town from his house it has to take up at least 4 hours on a Sunday.

            When you call this guy with a complaint, he doesn’t sit in his office and think about it, he goes to your house and looks at it.

            Give it a rest, the guy is at it 18 hours a day. (Except for St. Patrick’s Day when it looks like he simply follows tradition and goes out with his friends and gets hammered. Like everyone else)

            So give it a rest, you’re out to lunch on this one.

          • Well, you’ve got a point, assuming that EVERYDAY is St. Patrick’s Day, and part of the traditional celebrations involve smoking crack, guzzling 40-pounders, hanging with drug-dealing thugs and shady ladies, and generally leading the double-life of a family man and a teenage douche-rocket.


          • “teenage douche-rocket?”

            That’s a somewhat unusual collection of words for a high muckety-muck moral critic to be using isn’t it?

            But tell me this, since you’re a big NDP/Miller advocate. How do you reconcile to yourself the fact that a spectacular fallen down drunk like Rob Ford, as you like to picture him, is able to accomplish the practical aspects of the Mayor’s job 10,000 times better than an elite left-nut Harvard graduate like Miller with no substances in him other than a Starbucks and a soda biscuit?

            And what in the devil is a 40 pounder?

      • Poor little Thwim, maybe you should tell us who you think is better!

    • Wow – that’s some strong Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking!

  9. For anyone who can’t stick it out for the entire 1:35 clip, at least watch the last 18 seconds. Sheer brilliance.

  10. Is anybody counting his apologies???

  11. Every news source I’ve checked calls the mayor’s language “graphic”. It was lewd, obscene, and vulgar, to name a few words that might be used instead of this misapplied euphemism. (Although I confess his words did plant an image in my mind that is not pleasant to contemplate.)

    • Just wait til the Rob Ford sex tape comes out.

      • I can taste the bile.

      • There’ll be a serious dilemma for Ford’s major group of haters if it has Gord Perks in it as second protagonist.

    • And I posted a comment here using the same perfectly acceptable word that is used by the mayor in the video — the one MacLean’s is inviting us to comment on — but they deleted it. So apparently it’s okay to hear the word but not to type it. Sheesh.

      • Okay, I complained to MacLean’s via Twitter, and they responded they had not realized the filter was kicking out all the pussy-related comments. And they have restored them. Thanks, MacLean’s.

        • Thanks for updating this, patchouli. One other thing to mention: I’ve gone back to review the auto-deleted comments, and restored some of them, but a comment can also be removed, pending review, if it’s flagged by enough readers as inappropriate. (We’re a small web team and can’t stay on top of all comment threads all the time — this lets us hone in on questionable content, and take reader feedback into account.)

          Flagged comments do get reviewed, but we try to keep reader responses in mind, and may revisit our decisions as needed. (In the case of this story, for example, the video has a language warning, something we’re not able to provide as easily in comments — that may be a factor for some readers.)

          At any rate, I hope this helps clarify things! And thanks again for checking.

          • Thanks, Lindsey. All better now.

  12. “I’ve got more than enough to eat at home”….AWESOME!!!!

  13. If one searches “Rob Ford” in the Maclean’s search box they are presented with quite a list of articles with many instances of multiple articles per day having Rob Ford as the subject.

    Does Maclean’s have a fetish with Rob Ford? Isn’t Maclean’s a Canadian mag? Why all Toronto mayor ALL the time? Is there nothing else relevant to Canadians than this trumped up witch hunt full of innuendo with no “actual” legal charges having been laid.

    If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck it’s likely a duck. A lynch mob is all this is!

    • This discussion is not about ducks: it is about pussy. Focus, Don.

    • This story has gone global. Of course the Americans have grabbed onto it with enthusiasm – but so has the international press. The BBC actually cut into their programming yesterday to cover live the Council meeting. So good luck trying to change the channel.

  14. “Coach Ford often came to the showers”

    Now if you put the above complete with quotes in Google then you will see why Rob Ford’s real problems are just beginning.

  15. Its all just a left wing conspiracy

  16. Who’s Rob Ford???

  17. That was a very sexist remark…sad to know he is a father of a daughter…

  18. OMG. How on earth did this disgusting human being ever get elected Mayor? Maybe he can use his drug addiction as an excuse for his ridiculous behavior, but when a man (and I use that term VERY lightly) can so easily (and calculated) make the sexual comment he did (the “P” word comment) – in a very public forum no less, followed with what he thought was a humorous follow-up about having “enough to eat at home”… THAT is where his TRUE SELF showed through…terrible character, disgusting, incredibly dis-respectful…it’s hard to think of anything bad enough to call him… maybe “pond scum” will do. And about the hesitating and repeating words… in psychology that is a tell-tale sign of LYING and someone who is trying to convince you of their lies… UNBELIEVABLE. Mr. Ford, for the sake of your children, step down and put your misdirected energy into seeking and receiving treatment. YOU NEED IT. As well, anyone supporting him at this point needs to join him in therapy.

    • I agree with you. But for every rumor there is an element truth…I am just waiting for the “so called friends” to come out of the woodwork to share their version of the story. Where are all his conservative buddies now? Tim Hudak, is laying low, Jim Flaherty was in tears and speechless when addressing the press, and then there is Stephen Harper, he’s just riding this out, hoping all this negative attention on Ford will distract Canadians from all the other scandals in Ottawa…

    • Daddy’s money.

  19. All in all this Bimbo has made a complete farse of himself and the Office of Mayor of Toronto. What I don’t like to see is involving his wife in the nonsense. Sure he should have shown the common sense to call itt quits. So shuld have the press who have been acting like a bunch of VULTURES. His life will NEVER be the same!! We should leave it at that. Just shows us what drugs and booze can do.

    • …..

    • I’ve always believed that booze/drugs are never an excuse for bad behaviour. What you get is the true picture of the person.

  20. Also should also mention, his actions have destroyed any hop of his brother ever becoming a member of Provincial Parliament. SAD STORY!!

    • I dunno, that part’s pretty happy.

  21. Self absorbed Rob Ford….

    • Wackie NDP tax plunderers facing extermination!

      • In your dreams perhaps :-)

  22. In one sense, this all seems quite comedic, but in another, it is an example of a happening that is going over the top. There may even be untruths, or serious unproven allegations, being slipped in amongst all the rest. I don’t know who this Alana is and haven’t seen that explained by anyone but Ford. And once a person is seen to be doing one thing (eg smoking crack) it is so much easier to accuse him of other things, such as snorting cocaine.

    That said, It is an indication to me that his social awareness has slipped, perhaps due to the company he keeps, by referring in public to oral sex and his relationship with his wife in the manner he has. In a way it is similar to Miley Cirus twerking – bringing a sexual activity into the public sphere in an open manner – early 21st century style. People may do these things in private, but in public?

    Like Miley Cyrus, Ford appears to be giving up on stopping the damage, instead, taking it over the top completely. Whether this is intentional or not is anybody’s guess.