Ford's family denies mayor is an addict or alcoholic -

Ford’s family denies mayor is an addict or alcoholic


TORONTO – Members of Rob Ford’s family sprang publicly to his defence for the first time Thursday amid a growing scandal that is increasingly threatening to force him out of the mayor’s office.

In an interview with TV station CP24, Ford’s sister Kathy and mother Diane blamed the pressures of the job, his political opponents and relentless media hounding for his problems.

“The pressure that has been put onto him, since Day 1 since he was elected, it is not fair,” his mother said.

“It is not right.”

His sister denied Ford was a drug addict or alcoholic in need of rehab, and insisted he would stay on as mayor.

“Robbie is not a drug addict,” Kathy Ford said.

“I know because I’m a former addict.”

His sister did concede he tends to binge drink and make a “fool out of himself.”

“When Robbie drinks, I think he just goes full tilt.”

But Kathy said the problem pales in comparison to what she called his achievements.

“He has done so much other things than this,” Kathy said.

“My heart breaks for my son,” Diane Ford said in her living room interview. “It really, really does, because he’s been attacked.”

She called the growing scandal — which includes a video showing Rob Ford apparently smoking crack cocaine and another released Thursday showing him threatening to kill someone in a profane tirade — unfortunate.

His mother, who said she would always support her son, called Ford’s behaviour as mayor unacceptable.

“To err is human but to forgive is divine…but here there is no forgiveness,” Diane Ford told CP24’s Stephen LeDrew.

“Forgiveness isn’t in the eyes of the media right now.”

Ford himself has recently been forced to admit to smoking crack cocaine in a drunken stupor and has apologized for other drunken episodes.

Still, his family believes there’s no need to send him to rehab, as many of his closes allies have urged.

Despite his faults, Diane Ford said the pressure that has been brought to bear on her son is “not fair.”

Some of the hurt is self-inflicted, she said, but there’s nothing he won’t recover from.

Both women were emphatic that he won’t resign.

“Who can say what’s going to happen tomorrow,” Diane Ford said.

The crisis has been a “rude awakening,” they said, but both insisted he is strong enough to get through the scandal and continue on as mayor.

“All the good that he has done, that’s all been overlooked,” his mother said.

“That’s just so hurtful.”

Diane Ford did say the mayor has a problem.

“He’s got a huge weight problem,” she said.

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Ford’s family denies mayor is an addict or alcoholic

  1. Seriously. A huge weight problem. That’s all she’s got to say about her son?
    I guess when it’s one of their own, conservatives preach ‘to err is human, to forgive divine”. If it’s someone outside their clique, then they’re lazy, undisciplined, a criminal.

    • To forgive is divine, as long as the supplicant is a conservative. A kid with a dimebag of weed–mandatory minimum sentence.

    • Has nothing to do with being conservative and everything to do with the fact that she is his mother. Duh. Parents have been making excuses for their kids and believing their worst lies for thousands of years. She wouldn’t be the first parent to put on blinders regarding her kid’s behaviour.

  2. what if he got elected by a landslide next time? maybe this is a really cunning political strategy, the underdog ploy. not your typical dour sobersides Torontonian, sincerely.

    • If this is what it takes to get elected in 2013, it’s time we adopted anarchy.

      • You already have.

  3. Sadly, anyone who wants to know exactly how an addict’s enabling family sounds should listen to this one. In complicity with Doug, they’re helping RoFo inflict the consequences his catastrophically self-destructive behaviour on an entire city.

    • You got that right. It always amazes me the way parents and other family members will make up any ridiculous excuse and gloss over every outrage committed by the black sheep in their midst. My own in-laws are like that. They’ll stick up for even extended family members, second and third cousins even, rather than admit some distant relative might be doing something wrong or stupid. They’re like Kennedy’s minus the wealth and social stature. Growing up in a family that was the exact opposite – we criticize each other mercilessly for the smallest errors or transgressions – I must say I do not understand it in the least. The most bothersome thing is, they seem to actually believe what they’re saying. In Ottawa, we recently saw teenage girls arrested, then convicted, for forcing other teens into prostitution. The mother of one of the accused was very aggressive in accusing the police and the media of framing her daughter. It was quite bizarre to listen to. She just flat out refused to believe the evidence against her daughter, painting her as an innocent, scared little girl victimized by police and media alike. Fortunately, the jury had no trouble beliving the evidence.

  4. The Ford family, his sister, brothers and mother, are in total denial.
    Rob Ford not only has an alcoholic addiction problem but also a drug
    (crack cocaine) addiction problem. I can’t understand the sister who had
    a heroin addiction problem not recognizing her brother having not only
    an alcohol but also a drug addiction problem. Ford family get real and
    admit that your son, brother, father has an addiction problem and should
    seek help. If you are not than you are enablers and he will never get
    better but might die of it. Please, Rob Ford get counseling and take time off work.

  5. That Rob Ford is costing us billions of dollars in
    accumulating debts. He cancels gas plants that are already contracted to be built in the middle of an election, he hands out gov’t contracts to incompetents and does not check on their performance until there’s an outcry (e.g. e-health, ornge helicopter), he sells
    the province on “green” energy scheme that he knew from the outset was a worthless scam that would only increase hydro bills while producing hardly any “green” power when people need it….sorry I was thinking of the McGuinty-Wynne gang. Rob Ford gives
    comedians a lot of material as did Bill Clinton in his heyday but doesn’t actually cost you a dime. The politically correct Liberal thieves at Queen’s Park on the other hand are
    costing Ontarians millions in extra taxes, extra debt and wildly inflated hydro
    bills. How about worrying about that instead? Too complicated?

  6. Toronto, where the C in Conservative stands for Crackhead

  7. It’s obvious that Rob Ford has never had any self-discipline. And it sounds like he’s always been praised and indulged by his family no matter what. Now look at the mess he’s in.

    Worse….he’s dragged Toronto into the mess.

    He should be at an AA meeting. And he shouldn’t be mayor.

  8. Nice job. They just removed the only possible excuse he could have for acting like that. Not that “living with an addiction” is any excuse. He’s mayor for crying out loud. He has NO excuse for hanging with low-lifes, much less sampling their wares. But… addiction-as-excuse-for-anything is all the rage these days. I suggest his family and remaining supporters embrace the “addict who needs help” angle and run with it. It’s the only saving grace they have left. Very foolish of them to throw it away.