Forecast calls for more of same — only hotter


Dave Phillips is just as reliable as a heat wave in summer.

The senior climatologist at Environment Canada is the nation’s go-to guy when it comes to talking about the weather.

He tells the Globe today that when it comes to weather there’s “no guarantee.”

Even still, he’s predicting a warmer summer “from coast to coast to coast.”

“If this forecast turns out to be correct – it will be one where Canadians (will say), ‘Boy, that was a warm summer,’” Phillips told the paper.

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Forecast calls for more of same — only hotter

  1. I understand that southern Ontario and parts of Quebec are experiencing very hot weather but it is cold and wet here in the west. I have mushrooms growing in my garden beds. We do the “happy dance” on the few days it reaches 20 degrees. The last time it reached 25 degrees was in April. Pardon me if we are skeptical about this predicted “coast to coast” warmer summer.

  2. It’s been a dry June on PEI. Hopefully rain will be more frequent in July and August. The temperature’s haven’t been overly noteworthy either.

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