Foreign interests strike again: U.S. group denounces mandatory minimums in Canada


The members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a U.S.-based group advocating for marijuana decriminalization, has registered its displeasure with Canada over proposed mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana possession with a letter to government officials. The letter, signed by active and retired judges, police officers and other public officials, says Canada is adopting the measures comparable to “those that have been such costly failures in the United States.”

A statement by a spokeswoman for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson nonetheless insists the government has “no intention to decriminalize or legalize marijuana” and “remains committed to ensuring criminals are held fully accountable for their actions.” Mandatory minimum sentences for minor marijuana-related offenses are part of the government-sponsored Bill C-10, currently under review in the Senate. It is expected to be approved.

A recent poll found that 66% of Canadians favour either legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, whereas only one-in-five would prefer to maintain the status quo.

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Foreign interests strike again: U.S. group denounces mandatory minimums in Canada

  1. I guess Harper fears the wrath of “Dr.” McVety and the Ottawa Church Ladies.

  2. I cannot wait till the day that the Harper Government, and those 1 and 5 Canadians understand why the status quo is impossible to keep. In a decade or less we’ll be examining our judicial / jail system and asking where we went wrong… hopefully Canadians remember to point the finger right here. 

  3. Foreign interests strike again: Canadian Government denounces delay in Keystone XL.
    “It’s a No Brainer”, Canadian PM says.

  4. 66% of canadians polled believe that the death penalty would be justified in cases of indisputable guilt. When will “Harper” start listening to Canadians. I’m not sure whether or not foreign interests want Canada to bring back the death penalty, but I agree with the media, when it comes to domestic policy of any kind, Canada should always listen to foreign interests, no matter what the consequences, or the issue. Who does “Harper” think he is, making marijuana illegal! It’s all “Harper’s” fault. 

    • If Harper announced that as a Conservative he was divesting from Israel, planting pot in his back 40, shutting down the oilsands in favor of windmills, confiscating the bank accounts of anyone worth more than $500k, banning Christianity in public, and personally aborting every second unwanted pregnancy, there would still be “progressives” who would decry his new policies.
      Because for many it’s tribal, not political.

  5. “whereas only one-in-five would prefer to maintain the status quo.”
    That recent poll also showed one-in-three preferred to maintain the status quo or favored increased penalties.
    It also showed that contrary to received wisdom, those over 55 were more likely to support legalization or decriminalization, with 73% supporting a shift, however those under 55 were less amenable to decriminalization.
    I’m personally not against decriminalization, but I am against cherry-picking data to swing a story.

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