Forgotten by airline, nine-year-old boy spends day in Chicago airport -

Forgotten by airline, nine-year-old boy spends day in Chicago airport

Mother arrives at Ottawa airport to find son never made it onto flight


Genevieve Harte’s nine-year-old son Julien was supposed to land in Ottawa at 5:35 p.m. on Saturday after a trip to San Francisco to visit his father. When the passengers deplaned, Julien was nowhere to be seen. Panicked, Harte called United Airlines who told her the flight hadn’t taken off due to bad weather. That wasn’t true: the flight had taken off, just without Julien. Luckily, she soon got a call from her son who was using his pre-paid cell phone. He was still in the children’s room at Chicago O’Hare where he had switched planes en route from from San Francisco several hours earlier. It had already been more than 12 hours since he had left San Francisco and airline staff had only offered the child food from McDonald’s, which was inadequate for the young vegetarian. United Airlines put the boy on the next flight back to Ottawa and gave Harte an undisclosed “gesture of goodwill.” Julien arrived safely, if a little hungry, in Ottawa at 10 p.m.

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Forgotten by airline, nine-year-old boy spends day in Chicago airport

  1. Bach in the good old days you could leave a child with an airline and he was looked after like royalty, things have sure changed like everything else in the world. Bottom line profits rule everything. Now days we only worry about being politically correct, we do not even know how to win a war anymore, only what makes somebody wealthy..

  2. Nine years old and he's a vegetarian? Likely his parents' idea. I bet he scarfed that McDick's meal down like nobody's business.

  3. I will be astonished if American lawyers don't line up at the Harte's home to ask to represent them in the forthcoming lawsuit.

    • I would be too, but I'm willing to bet the "gesture of goodwill" included a contract saying the family couldn't sue the airline.

  4. This almost happed to me 20 years ago with Air Canada, flying from Japan to New Brunswick at the age of 12. I was left in the wrong waiting lounge in Vancouver for my connecting flight, but found it strange that there was NO one else there waiting. When I finally asked someone at the counter, it turned out my flight had been paging me for over 20 minutes. Lesson learned: Discuss with your kids before they travel on their own how they should respond in a non-routine situation.

  5. From a vegetarian boy, the McD must have been an eye opener of sorts. I wonder, are the parents having a hard time getting him back to a vegetarian diet after?