Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein to get Order of Canada


Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein will be presented with the insignia of the Officer of the Order of Canada, the governor general announced Friday.

Governor General David Johnston will present a member of the Klein family with the award on Nov. 13.

The former premier and mayor of Calgary now suffers from dementia and other chronic health concerns.

“Ralph Klein has made lasting contributions to the province of Alberta and to public life in Canada,” said a statement released by Rideau Hall Friday. “He served three consecutive terms as mayor of Calgary, during which time the city hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics and created a legacy of sports facilities and municipal infrastructure. He later rose to become Alberta’s 12th premier, leading his province with a common touch and broad appeal through an era of economic advancement, innovation and prosperity that ultimately resulted in the elimination of the province’s deficit.”

Klein was already awarded with the Alberta Order of Excellence in 2010.

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Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein to get Order of Canada

  1. His cuts as premier were devastating for my family. The private sector followed suit and the layoffs meant that my family had to sell our house. I wish he wasn’t getting any recognition.

    • Move to Greece,or Spain or ……..

  2. It’s about time. Ralph Klein saved Alberta from long term decline and set the example that Paul Martin followed several years later.

    Congratulations Ralph.

  3. Well deserved

  4. he’ll probably lose it when he gets drunk and throws it at a homeless guy.

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