Former Harper advisor to chair Alberta’s Wildrose campaign

Appointment signals deepening rift among Alberta’s right wing


Tom Flanagan, once among Stephen Harper’s most influential advisors, will chair the election campaign for Alberta’s Wildrose Party, an upstart hard-right movement aiming to unseat Alberta’s 40-year-old Progressive Conservative regime. Flanagan, a professor at the University of Calgary, has deep ties to the federal Conservative Party. Many view his prominent role with the Wildrose as a sign that federal party heavyweights are divided over who to support in the upcoming campaign. The PCs elected Alison Redford, a centrist lawyer from Calgary, as their new leader earlier this year. An election call is expected this spring. A poll released on Monday showed the Tories leading the Wildrose 39 per cent to 28 per cent among expected voters.

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Former Harper advisor to chair Alberta’s Wildrose campaign

  1. Harperism is rearing its head in BC and Alberta which is not a good thing when it is through our existing provincial governments. Chrissy, BC pemier commented on how she considered the new Healthcare financing plan to be shortsighted and whomever was responsable for its initiation should be dismissed. Little did she know that the advisor she recently hired was the creator of the federal proposal, just a little pie on your face there hey Chrissy.

  2. The wildrose party should really question why he wanted to be their advisor.It seems to me the ones that leave the c.r.a.party to join another party only join  another party and shortly after the other party starts infighting all of a sudden.The c.r.a.ex-member then leaves and ends up back in c.r.a.party.This is my own personal view and thoughts .

    • I’m guessing it is because they want to unseat the Conservatives. It’s there for the taking. Redmond is hardly a Conservative and even if I don’t live in Alta, I would take Danielle over Redmond in an instant.

  3. Left wing rags like the Mop and Pail would love to see a rift among their political opposition.  Firstly, Redford is no centrist, and secondly, the Wildrose is the only conservative Alberta party. Third, it makes not the slightest degree of difference who the feds may support. 

     The only people to whom the Wildrose is a “hard-right movement”, are excessively left-wing in their thinking.  Harper’s Tories really aren’t all that conservative, either.

  4. The Wildrose Party is ‘hard right’. That is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time. Only in Canada can a barely right party be considered ‘hard’ right. Hysterical!

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