Former Hollinger boss David Radler named new publisher of Victoria Times-Colonist -

Former Hollinger boss David Radler named new publisher of Victoria Times-Colonist


David Radler was named interim publisher of the Victoria Times-Colonist last week.

The last time Radler was making headlines, in 2007, he was testifying against his friend and former business partner of 30 years, Conrad Black; together, the pair had run Hollinger, the newspaper group. Radler, the prosecution’s chief witness against Black, served 10 months in a Canadian jail for mail fraud. Black served 42 months in a Florida prison on fraud and obstruction charges. Radler, who lives in Vancouver, runs the Alberta Newspaper Group, a subsidiary of Glacier Media, which bought the Times-Colonist in 2011.

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Former Hollinger boss David Radler named new publisher of Victoria Times-Colonist

  1. What have we Times Colonist subscribers done to deserve THIS?!

    On July 14, 2007 the London Telegraph profiled Mr. Radler in a piece by Toby Harnden:

    “David Radler and Conrad Black made an odd couple. A diminutive and faintly shabby man from a modest background, Radler had a foul mouth and occasionally brutal manner with subordinates but was otherwise a largely anonymous figure.
    “While the patrician and imposing Black cut a grand swathe through London, New York and Washington, Radler, the son of a Montreal restaurateur, went unrecognised in Chicago, where he oversaw the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.
    “But the former deputy chairman and chief operating officer of Hollinger International took centre stage at the Black trial after cutting a deal to pay back £11.8 million of what the Securities and Exchange Commission called “ill-gotten gains” plus a further £2.5 million civil penalty.
    In return for a 29-month prison sentence, probably in his native Canada, Radler, 64, agreed to testify against his friend and business associate of more than 40 years.”

    In other Telegraph reports at that time Edward Greenspan, Black’s lawyer, described Radler as a “serial liar” who was “devoid of morals.”
    “With his shock of unkempt white hair and fondness for hot dogs, the only obvious hint that Radler was a very wealthy man was the permatan he acquired later in life.
    “Tom Bower, Black’s biographer, described Radler as a ‘ratty, uncouth hypochondriac obsessed by fantasies about germs.’
    “His ‘germophobia’ is thought to have been a key motivator in his agreeing to a deal that ensured he avoided the horrors of federal prison.
    “Known as ‘The Chainsaw’ for his penchant for mass firings, he ruthlessly cut costs and said his chief contribution to Canadian journalism had been ‘the three-man newsroom and two of them sell ads.’ ”

    Was Radler’s release from prison a third way into a 29-month term the result of speedy reformation (and a LOT of compulsive hand-cleansing) that washed away his sins? Can Victoria and Vancouver Island TC readers be assured he is a worthy successor to 150 years of publishers possessing credible journalistic skills and ambitions? If not, Glacier has installed a dead canary in a news-mining operation where professional hope can’t help but suffocate.