Former Illinois governor gets 14-year prison sentence

Blagojevich ‘unbelievably sorry’


Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison and fined US$20,000 on 17 counts of corruption. The two-term Democrat was arrested in 2008, while still in office, for trying to extort campaign donations from other politicians, soliciting bribes and attempting to sell the U.S. senate seat once held by Barack Obama, among other charges. Although Blagojevich acknowledges his mistake, he claims he never set out to break the law, and that he is “unbelievably sorry.”


The Chicago Tribune

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Former Illinois governor gets 14-year prison sentence

  1. Since the man has spent the last three years vigorously denying he did anything wrong, I take that to mean he is “unbelievably sorry” he didn’t get away with it.

  2. Another adherent to “Chicago style” politics. Stay tuned for the sequel starring Obama, Emmanual and Axelrod. Blago could be in line for a pardon as a last act of the outgoing President in November of 2012.

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