Former integrity commissioner takes on critics

Ouimet steadfastedly denies allegations in auditor general’s report


In testimony before a Commons committee on Thursday, the federal government’s former integrity commissioner Christiane Ouimet took on the auditor general’s report that led to her ouster. “I am here to point out that there are serious flaws and erroneous facts that have attacked my reputation,” she testified before the Commons public accounts committee. Ouimet resigned in October and received a controversial $500,000 severance package that included a confidentiality agreement. At the time, Auditor General Sheila Fraser was investigating her office. “I’ve always been known to do what is fair, to do what is right … I spoke truth to power,” Ouimet said. As for the report’s findings he failed to properly investigate complaints by government whistleblowers, “I am shocked,” she said. “I find this appalling.”

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Former integrity commissioner takes on critics

  1. wounded soldier,no pension= 250,000 .Integrity ? =500,000 plus pension plus muzzle .Say what ? Something about entitelment ? Some animals are more equal than others,thank you George .

    • right on! Damn her and Harper! OUR vets are treated like dung, but Politocos are soooooooooooo F'n special ! Let's go Canada, boot'em OUT !

      • right and Iggy and the libs are clean and will solve all our problems. its always the lessor of two evils in this country, so please stop ranting and start thinking and doing,

  2. maybe she should file a complaint with the integrity commissioner

  3. Lee Kenney hit the nail on the head.

  4. She should be investigated closely. If she comes out clean so be it otherwise there should be consequences

  5. Enough hypocricy from yet another Harper Odious appointee serving the agend of her boss!

    HUSH MONEY is what this brown-noser got in half a million from the taxpayers' pocket! Harper wanted to silence her as she had not investigated a single Whistleblower request out of 265!!!

    I saw an Aviation inspector (now retired) who was following Ms Ouimette outside the Committee room shouting at her: 'SHAME"!

    Harper's short-panted bullies who seem to be occupying the Principal's office after they bloodied the Democratic schoolyard, are the most poisonous, anti-democratic bunch of cavemen ever graced the Hill of Horrors!

    Committee should investigate:

    a) Why did Harper make her sign a gag order as part of her 'retirement' deal? What was he hiding through her?

    b) Sheila Fraser should produce reasons and complaints, 265 of them, from whistleblowers who brought their case to this odious Father Knows Best civil servant so we can see the type of work she did for which she took half a million from taxpayers' pockets!

  6. Harper should be investigated for his role and determine why this odious ex-civil servant just happened to leave the job THE SAME WEEK WHISTLEBLOWERS' COMPLAINTS WERE INVESTIGATED BY SHEILA FRASER. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!



    Please….anyone candidate except a CRAPper (Conservative/Reformist/Alliance Party)

    Save Canada–please–from these Bush W's We want to go forward not backward. We are already the laughingstock of the developed world. That's why after 60 years for the first time we lost the UN SECURITY COUNCIL SEAT! Shame

    • Right, our economy is humming, people are lingin up to get in, just exactly and whom and why are they laughing at us.Bush is gone so dont know what you are ranting about, get a grip on reality,

  8. Canada is not and never has been a great country. Sorry if the truth hurts. Stop believing your politicians – they are sorry little men and women..

    • Nobody flying planes into our buildings, I am assuming you are a cowardly yank , and a VERY sorry frustrated little person,
      Actually feel sorry for small minded folk like you, pity

  9. Ot os a little off that the Integrity Commissioner would trade he own integrity for a cheque while whistleblowers were dismissed with often little or no investigation. She also complained that she had no finalized procedures which prevented her from doing her job. Who was responsible for finalizing the procedures? How much integrity does one have to collect a salary for 3 tears basically knowing that there is no job? Was this just a photo-op for Harper when he set up this Commissioner?
    It looks like Sheila Fraser spoiled somebody's little scam.

  10. Will the cheque for a half-million dollars have a CPC logo on it?

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