Former Montreal cop waives right to bail in gangsterism-related case


MONTREAL – A retired Montreal police detective accused of selling sensitive police information to criminal biker gang members has waived his right to bail.

Benoit Roberge appeared in a Montreal courtroom this morning and is set to return on Jan. 23.

He has been behind bars since his arrest in October.

He has gone through five defence lawyers, with some having to recuse themselves because of a possible conflict of interest.

Roberge, a high-profile investigator and biker expert, is facing one charge of obstructing justice, one of breach of trust and two related to gangsterism.

Because of his past role as a police officer who regularly dealt with Montreal-area prosecutors, one from Quebec City has been called in to handle the case.

Roberge retired in August and had been working for Revenu Quebec. He was subsequently fired from that post following his arrest.

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Former Montreal cop waives right to bail in gangsterism-related case

  1. This cop knows organized crime is doing well and owns the system. Rizzuto might be gone but the new guard is still out there quiety running the system as RCMP don’t get their man any more. Never got Rizzuto, after on on his release RCMP went to meet and protect him. Don’t want Rizzuto’s black book to get int he wrong hands, too many powerful people could get exposed.

    But hey fellow Canadians, I guess we finally have a corrupt person in jail as they are seeking a safe place. The crooked cop knows the dead tell no truths. Isn’t the right reason I know, but progress.

    As not too many corrupt in SNC, mayors, senators, MPs and others with bribery and inflated contracts ever see justice or jail.