Former Nova Scotia bishop in custody -

Former Nova Scotia bishop in custody

Raymond Lahey turns himself in to Ottawa police


Recently resigned Antigonish Bishop Raymond Lahey is in police custody in Ottawa. Lahey is facing charges of possession and importation of child pornography after “images of concern” were found on his laptop during a random search at the Ottawa International Airport last month. Lahey resigned as Bishop on the weekend, citing personal reasons, after charges were laid Friday. His arrest comes only weeks after Lahey finished overseeing the $15 million settlement of a sexual abuse lawsuit against priests in his diocese.

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Former Nova Scotia bishop in custody

  1. "His arrest comes only weeks after Lahey finished overseeing the $15 million settlement of a sexual abuse lawsuit against priests in his diocese."

    Imagine no religion

  2. Yes, yes, religion is poison, and we can't find problems with pedophiles in other institutions. Everything would be better if we were all progressive atheists heralding in a new utopian golden age of rationality, yadda yadda yadda.

    In other news, the globe and mail informed me on the question of whether the Border Guards have the right to search your files on a laptop as part of a random search. Apparently they can:

  3. When I left the Catholic Church as a young child, I thought I was just leaving behind superstition and a group which kicked me out of Sunday school because they couldn't give me reasoned answers to my questions on why they believed certain oddities.

    Little did I know I was also protecting myself.

    • Yes, an intellectual tradition stretching back 2000 years has no reasoned answers for its own beliefs to Christoph Dollis.

  4. Can you imagine the Boy Scouts, Lion's Club, Knights of Columbus or any other large organization still being allowed to even operate after the countless sex scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church? It should have been shut down years ago. Anyone who thinks these are isolated incidents, and not systemic perversion, is an idiot.

  5. The boy scouts have, in fact, had several high profile child sex-abuse scandals.

    The Knights of Columbus is in fact part of the Roman Catholic Church. You have to be a practical Catholic to be a member.

    As I've said before, it is not clear if the RCC has a greater amount of predation among the clergy than the general population, though it is probable given that other related industries such as teaching also have higher amounts of predation. The child sex abuse scandal among reasonable people was about any cover up that might have occurred, rather than the idea that all priests are child molesting demons.

  6. Looks like this new scandal is linked to an old scandal. A bit of unfinished business from Mount Cashel.

    I wonder how much you can play connect the dots with offenders charged in the church. We know the problem is more endemic to certain orders than others, but what about certain mentors or certain seminaries? That would be an interesting piece of data to get.