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Updated: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford expresses ‘shock, dismay and surprise’ at accusations


A mayoral candidate who ran against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in the last municipal election used her Facebook account to accuse the mayor of making lewd comments toward her at a party hosted by the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee Thursday night.

Late Thursday, Sarah Thomson used Facebook to publish a photo of herself alongside Ford, who had ditched his tie, had his eyes closed and had a large stain on the front of his white dress shirt. Under the photo she wrote:

Thought it was a friendly hello to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at the CJPAC Action Party tonight until he suggested I should have been in Florida with him last week because his wife wasn’t there. Seriously wanted to punch him in the face. Happy International Women’s Day!

The photo drew hundreds of comments and had been shared nearly 500 times by 8 a.m. Friday morning.

Thomson added more comments underneath the picture, saying:

I’ve never seen him so out of it. I know I shouldn’t be pissed but after spending 10 months on the campaign trail together you expect a little bit of respect at the very least for my husband.

And: “…guess where his hand was in this picture? I must go shower….” and “Is grabbing someone [sic] ass assault?”

The mayor’s office has yet to respond, but a source who was with the mayor at the party told the Toronto Star that he did not hear any such comment.

The mayor did issue this tweet last night:

Update: Early Friday afternoon, Mayor Rob Ford released the following statement —

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event to support the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee.

This is an event that is attended by numerous political leaders and where I have been a guest in the past.

Early this morning, false allegations were made regarding a number of disgusting actions.  I am shocked, dismayed and surprised.  I can say without hesitation that they are absolutely, completely false.

What is more surprising is that a woman who has aspired to be a civic leader would cry wolf on a day where we should be celebrating women across the globe.

This is a day we should all take the time to reflect upon the women in our lives and in our society.  It is a day when we can envision the changes we want to make in our communities to ensure that all people are equal and that violence and discrimination against women comes to an end.


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Updated: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford expresses ‘shock, dismay and surprise’ at accusations

  1. rob ford is not having a good time. I guess he thought it was a good idea to speed up his scandal machine. he must be really trying to offend even his most die hard of followers.

  2. The clown needs to be punched right out of office. Next time kick him where his brains are.

    • Are you kidding? His lordship is just getting warmed up. This dog is still marking his territory.

    • I was not convinced about conservatives, but the more I see how low the liberals are willing to go to get this man down, I am voting conservative.

      It is a witch hunt, disgusting.

      This sad excuse of a woman

      Shame on this ambicious horse faced lying joke! She is not the kind a woman we want to represent other women.

      Hopefully the mayor sues her for defamation.

      It is so blatantly false, and disgusting, this woman is so cheap.ugh!

      • you’re a pathetic misogynist who stoops to describing physical appearance as a means to evaluate truth and ethics. You should not even begin to comment on any political or social issue, you are completely unqualified by your poor character. And give us a break by pretending you are not a conservative.

        • Mysgynistic?, I am a woman.
          Truth and ethics?, Give me a break.

          So because I have a diferent opinion to yours, I am unqualified to comment and any social or political issue?

          This s a democracy, the liberals already had their turn, to almost bancrupt the city of Toronto and the Province (Maguinty is a criminal and should be prosecuted).
          Just keep trying, what else they have in the bag of dirty tricks.
          You are the pathetic. Go read your Toronto Star.

          • I think he called you a misogynist because you:

            1) Assume the alleged victim is lying, without proof
            2) Engage in victim-shaming
            3) Call her horse-faced

            If it walks like a misogynist and talks like a misogynist, it probably is a misogynist. And yes, women can be misogynists too.

          • please remove yourself from public discourse. Ignorance and foolishness do not help democratic discourse. Pursuing culture wars like it’s professional wrestling and it’s a spectaco-entertainment between the left and right is just destructive for facing real problems—which your hero, the groping mayor, has done nothing about. Misogynist.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • Make sure you report back to whatever right thinking, non-partisan, objective, non-MSM comments board you go to wind yourself up every day.

    • Not everyone takes advantage of every legal remedy available for every transgression. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to discredit people when they bring to light serious and personal matters like this.

      • If it were a serious matter, she would have gone to the police. If it were a personal matter, she wouldn’t have publicly posted it on Facebook. She got the media’s attention, that’s all she wanted.

        • Macleans, I suggest you remove the above post for its unwarranted and offputting statements about ms. Thomson.

          Partisanship is no excuse for this kind of thing, “Rick Omen”, which is despicable even by your standards.

          • he should be removed because he doesnt believe the same crap you do?typical left,shutup unless you agree with me

          • Have you even read her constantly evolving “account” of the events? One other councillor has already said that she had planned to “set up” Ford. And while she claimed on Facebook that Ford had his hand on her a$$ while the picture was taken, she’s now claiming that it had happened “earlier”.

            What’s truly a shame is that this sad excuse for a woman would lie about a sexual assault on Women’s Day.

        • I have no idea if this particular harassment actually happened. But, in general, there are many reasons not to go to the police in this kind of circumstance that don’t include ‘making it up’. While, in this specific case, we can’t know if that’s the case, until we know for sure through the proper channels, let’s not use a public forum to enforce the idea that women who don’t go to the police, because of shame, fear, or because they think the police won’t take them seriously (as has been mentioned by others in this forum – “only an ass grab”), that these women are just ‘making it up’.

      • thats what the cops are for, when you first go to the media with some thing like this, it is nothing more than trying to discredit some one any way you can,she should’ve called a cop first

      • What a joke! was not convinced about conservatives, but the more I see how low the liberals are willing to go to get this man down, I am voting conservative.
        It is a witch hunt, disgusting.
        This sad excuse of a woman and her smear campaign.
        Shame on this ambicious horse faced lying joke of a human being! She is not the kind a woman we want to represent other women.
        Hopefully the mayor sues her for defamation.

        It is so blatantly false, and disgusting, this woman is so cheap,cheap.ugh!

  4. Rob Ford. The Prince of Putzilvania.

  5. Accusations aren’t proof. You people are pretty quick to assume the worst. Jackals.

    • Pretty sure if there were any truth to her accusations that there’d be people lining up at the CBC to corroborate her story. So it’s safe to say she’s probably just making it up to get attention.

      • You’re pretty quick to assume the best. Jackal.

  6. Toronto’s Loony-Left will stop at nothing to smear Ford. It’s getting just plain shameful at this point. What sane person goes to Facebook for a legal opinion?

  7. If she did go to the police, I’m sure people would be saying that she was wasting their time pressing charges over a mere ass grab.

      • Or, to put it accurately, Ford denies the allegation.

          • Yes, Thomson apparently did talk about trying to “set up” Ford so she could get an incriminating picture. AFTER he allegedly grabbed her the first time.

            None of this is proof that the Mayor did or did not do what Thomson alleges. All we have is an allegation and a denial. Sheesh.

          • She first claimed he was grabbing her a$$ while the picture was taken. Then changed her story after the “set up” comment became public. She lacks any credibility with her constantly evolving story.

          • Actually, what was reported is that she attempted to set up the mayor after he allegedly grabbed her ass.

            In other words, she didn’t change the part of the story about the mayor grabbing her. Do try to keep up.

            And Pat Pettie: I couldn’t believe he would be that stupid either, except that he found himself in TWO simultaneous court cases last year in which his defense consisted of “I didn’t know the definition of corruption” and “I didn’t know the definition of conflict of interest, despite numerous attempts to teach me.”

            I don’t know if the mayor did it, but it’s not like there’s no precedent for his doing something jaw-droppingly stupid.

          • Even I am not personally known Mayor Ford, but I believe that he will be not that stupid to do this kind of thing. In today situation and all the webs communication, Mayor Ford will be not that dumb. Furthermore, the language the accuser used it sounds so fabricated.

  8. It (sadly) does not seem out of character for Ford, based on what we have seen from him so far. He seems to me to be the type to have been emboldened by his court victories rather than chastened by the events that landed him there to begin with.
    Can’t say I’m terribly impressed with the way Thomson chose to handle things though. A Facebook smear campaign?

  9. What a joke. This is by far the lowest of the low! Sarah Thomson, you are a disgrace even by Liberal standards. People like you take validity away from real sexual assaults. No one is corroborating your story that changes every 10 seconds. Funny how there’s a party full of people and no one saw or heard any of this. Shameful!!!

    • Also funny how she’s smiling happily in the picture with Ford. If she’s getting goosed, she sure doesn’t look too offended here… and this was “supposedly” after he had made a crass comment about having fun with her in Florida without his wife there – which she was offended by… yet she’s all smiles.
      Yet another terrible attempt from the left at bringing down Ford.

  10. Shame on this ambicious horse faced lying woman! You are not the kind a woman we want to represent other women.

    Hopefully the mayor sues her for defamation.

    It is so blatantly false, and disgusting, this woman is so cheap.ugh!

  11. “….you expect a little bit of respect at the very least for my husband.”

    Um, what? How do you say “Happy International Women’s Day” AND use the same tired idea that harassment or assault is disrespecting the husband, not the woman? If anything, she should be angry on her own behalf.

  12. First to comment Sarah thomson you are a insult and disgrace to dread lox you are not a real one so cut the crap and cut your hair you fake. Second why? Did you grab Ford ass and say he grab yours you don’t have any ass. Third equal rights swing both ways not one way so a woman can go around causing all men for sexual assault men today are not shallow. And fourth attractive women dose not stoop that low to get attention, what ever you did to Rob Ford you seems to be enjoying it from you smile and he seems to be shock from your gripping hope his wife gets you for that stunt.

  13. Like any other charge of homicide &/or murder, there are five essential facts have to be proved beyond any reasonable doubt, i.e.; Motive, Opportunity, Victim, Weapon and Evidence. In this story related to Mr Ford , Sarah may have proved the first three beyond a reasonable doubt in the court of public opinion, but the other two are yet unproven. First Mr Ford does not have much of a weapon at his disposal to do any real damage and she does not possess much of an attractive bum to grope and hold on to ! The case is still out to the Jury consisting of the whole City of Toronto. Mr Ford has always taken his sense of humor very seriously, and often laughs at his jovial social constructs privately.