Former U.S. official says Iran has too much leeway

“It may be too late” to stop it from getting nuclear weapons


A former top official with the U.S. government says “it may be too late to stop Iran from becoming nuclear-capable.” The unnamed official, who The Times describes as having “long experience with several U.S. administrations” says Barack Obama hasn’t been forceful enough to dissuade Tehran from pursuing nuclear weapons. “Fifteen months into [Obama’s] administration,” the official says, “Iran has faced no significant consequences for continuing with its uranium-enrichment program, despite two deadlines set by Obama, which came and went without anything happening.” One nightmare scenario evoked by the official had Iran passing its weapons off to Hezbollah which could use them against Israel or its other enemies in the region. Meanwhile, Iran announced on Monday that it was moving ahead with the construction of a third nuclear site to go along with those in Natanz and Qom.

The Times of London

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Former U.S. official says Iran has too much leeway

  1. Israel has little choice-strike strike hard and take them out.

    • It might be easier for Israel to pull off an operation where the Mad Mullahs all fail to wake up one morning, instead of Osirak-II-and-III-and-IV-and…

  2. Ahh- un-named officials- this article could have been written by the State department, the Pentagon, or Pravda.
    "Un-named officials" is not news, certainly not journalism and not even good propaganda. We are seeing exactly the same garbage from the complicit and even cheer-leading media that led the attack on Iran and sucked us all into Afghanistan. This nonsense fits a U.S. foreign policy objective- total global dominance, all the time, forever.

    Please stop this- we're not totally stupid you know. We know what you're doing, and why.

    Bill Desmond

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