Former Vancouver mayors join fight to defend Insite -

Former Vancouver mayors join fight to defend Insite

Current mayor gets support of five predecessors ahead of Supreme Court hearing


Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and five of his predecessors have joined together in a bid to stop the federal government from shuttering Insite, the city’s controversial safe-injection site. Robertson, Philip Owen, Larry Campbell, Mike Harcourt, Art Phillips, and Sam Sullivan have signed a letter arguing the facility is a medical service that’s been effective in saving lives and urging Ottawa to abandon its case against Insite, which is set to go before the Supreme Court on Thursday. “Drug addiction is a health issue, not a criminal issue, and Insite needs to be recognized for what it is: a valuable health service that saves lives,” Owen said. “To help people who are addicted, we need a comprehensive, health-based approach, and Insite needs to be a part of that.” Arguments filed by the Justice Department show Ottawa plans to argue its authority over criminal justice matters trumps the province’s jurisdiction over health care facitilities.

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Former Vancouver mayors join fight to defend Insite

  1. If this program is to be maintained it has to be run federally and applied across the country. Otherwise the DES of Vancouver will continue to be a magnet for the drug addicted, mentally ill and downtrodden. But who cares, really? As long as stupid people continue to buy 500 sq ft condos for 1/2 million bucks in skid row the politicians won’t get this concept.

  2. The stupidity of politics on the left-coast never ceases to amaze me ! If I had a relative in this free -drug program and that person died as a result of drug use I would SUE the pants off these Socialist wing-nuts as their drug dealer ! What idiocy ! Why dont they start providing free booze to alcoholics ? Solution : Drug dealers go to jail for a minimum 5yrs 1st offense. 10 years -second offense . Users sentenced to drug treatment in a closed facility 1st and 2nd offense – 3rd time jail – 4th time more jail etc etc You would soon see a dramatic drop-off of migration of loosers to your not-so-fair city ! If they were to start up a program such as this in Thunder BAy I would sell my house quick smart and re-locate

    Steffano Muzzatti
    Thunder Bay