‘Fortress Kandahar’ in U.S. plans

Plan to encircle city with troops a tacit admission that Canada and allies have failed


The first wave of fresh U.S. troops coming to Afghanistan will set about creating a security halo around Kandahar, where Canadian forces have spent three years trying to suppress the Taliban, according to the Wall Street Journal. The plan by U.S. commanders is an acknowledgement of sorts that the Canadian-led allied effort in the region has failed, and a recognition that Kandahar is a strategic linchpin to fighting the insurgency in the country’s mostly Pashtun south. Full marks to the American brass if it works. But critics point out the generals are following the same failed strategy the Soviets did in Afghanistan during the 1980s, retreating to city bastions while insurgents gained power in the countryside.

Wall Street Journal

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‘Fortress Kandahar’ in U.S. plans

  1. Its about time Obama! get your finger out.These men should have been over weeks ago.Nothing our men and women have done is deemed a failure

  2. How exactly have we "failed"? The Taliban presence around Kandahar has grown exponentially over the last 18 months, owing to their influx of new recruits. If it weren't for Canadian troops in 2006-2009, these US troops would now be deploying half way to Kabul.

  3. As Jack Mitchell said, how has Canada "failed"? You do what you can with the resources at hand the best way you can – having more boots on the ground means more can be done overall, not that something didn't work and more will fix.

  4. If we cut and run it says we lost. Do we want to lose? Shame on those that want to hold up the white flag of France.

  5. What Jack said….

    You do the job with the tools you're given, but just because there's more help coming DOESN'T mean the Canadians failed doing the job they did with what they had at hand.

    Or is this more of the "Canada should just leave because we say it's not working" meme?

  6. Well, let’s face it: Our guys, and the other guys, did the best they could with what they had.

    But the Greeks, Romans, Mongols, the Caliphate, the 19th Century British, the Russians, and countless other invaders have all gone in, tried, to do whatever they wanted to do, and leave.

    Time for us to do the same…. We have no business in Afghan-land, bring the boys home….

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