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Canada Revenue Agency disciplines 85 workers a year for misusing their Internet connections


About 85 employees at the Canada Revenue Agency are disciplined every year for making inappropriate use of their Internet connections. In some cases, the offense amounted to simply overusing it. One employee “browsed the Internet an average of three hours and 32 minutes per day” according to documents obtained by Canadian Press; another’s surfing habits consumed nearly 90 minutes of his or her workday. Internal documents from Canada’s tax collection agency also show employees wiling away the work day setting up sports pools, sending chain letters, promoting “illegal substances,” sharing offensive cartoons and running pyramid schemes. A CRA spokesperson says the agency doesn’t believe the problem is any more widespread there than it is elsewhere, “nor would the agency consider the problem as chronic.”

Chronicle Herald

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  1. Sounds like most post-internet office environments I've seen.

  2. This story should be put into perspective. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employs approximately 45,000+ workers and this story talks about 85 being disciplined for misuse of the internet or other electronic systems in 2009. In this day and age and in any large organization there will be misuse of any system by some employees. The fact is that the CRA does monitor their systems and takes action against any employee who is misusing the system. That is more than what Parlaiment Hill does or other bodies of Government when it comes to the Politicians, I suspect.

    • CrimeBustersNow

      If you investigated this as thoroughly as we have for over half a decade, you would realize this is not isolated but rather an epidemic. These personnel not only in the tax department, but in other government offices, the RCMP and police on down, corrupt lawyers etc, even church ministers, school board officials and teachers have brought these pyramid schemes into universities, colleges, and even our high schools defrauding unwitting students. It IS that wide-spread, unconscionable and abhorrent. That is the truth….. That is reality. The rest is merely perceptionan fed to us by our corrupt government and police.

      dave CBNow
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