Found: One Sucker -

Found: One Sucker


Via Glen McGregor’s excellent autotwitter @ordersincouncil:

Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, hereby appoints Wayne R. Smith of Gatineau, Quebec, to be Chief Statistician of Canada on an interim basis, to hold office during pleasure until such time as a new Chief Statistician of Canada is appointed, and fixes his remuneration as set out in the annexed schedule, which remuneration is within the range ($182,400 – $214,700).

Sur recommandation du premier ministre, Son Excellence la Gouverneure générale en conseil nomme Wayne R. Smith, de Gatineau (Québec), statisticien en chef du Canada par intérim, à titre amovible, jusqu’à ce qu’un nouveau statisticien en chef du Canada soit nommé, et fixe sa rémunération conformément à l’annexe ci-jointe, laquelle rémunération se situe dans l’échelle (182 400 $ – 214 700 $).

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Found: One Sucker

  1. For a government with a mixed environmental record, the Conservatives are certainly good at recycling (announcements that is). Some of Mr. Smith's views when he took the post (albeit in an interim fashion)

  2. which remuneration is within the range ($182,400 – $214,700)

    Wow! That's a lot of money to pay someone who will essentially be nothing more than drone that makes no decisions that are independent of the PMO.

  3. "Found: One Sucker ……. which remuneration is within the range ($182,400 – $214,700) "

    Are you referring to Canadian taxpayer? Because 'sucker' does not describe someone who gets paid that amount for not doing all that much.

    • Some might say it's cheap given what one is occasionally asked to do. After all, didn't the last guy quit because his principles and professional ethics wouldn't let him tow the party line?

      • Everyone has a price at which morals no longer matter.

        • Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

          • In my mood, I'm inclined to hate on both, along with that dreadful meme that seems to justify the absolute worst of human behaviour.

          • Still, agreeing to become interim head of Stats Can, even if you don't like how the government is treating Stats Can, hardly seems in the league of "the absolute worst of human behaviour". I'd say the playa/game meme is pretty appropriate given the relative importance of the issue at hand. SOMEBODY'S got to take the job, and while it'd be fun to watch ever statistician in the country refuse the job, I don't actually expect people with families to actually DO that.

            Anyway, I'm not gonna hate on Smith. Take the money and run dude.

          • Take the money and play dumb.

          • I greatly appreciate that you didn't respond "haters gonna hate" there, really.

          • I'm the shot clock, way above the game.

  4. The mistake that a lot of civil servants make especially those that head agencies like the former Chief Statistician is that they begin to treat their department like their own private fiefdom.

    The conservatism of the civil service seems to prevent them from accepting even minor changes in their departments. The previous Chief Statistician could not accept that there should be even a minor change in the acquiring of information. He did the right thing by resigning.

    • The previous Chief Statistician could not accept that there should be even a minor change in the acquiring of information.

      Well, first off, spending over $30 million to replace a mandatory census from with a voluntary household survey isn't what most statisticians would call a "minor" change.

      More importantly, my impression of events is that Munir Sheikh was actually going to go along with the change, as much as he may have objected to the idiocy of it, and therefore reluctant though he might be. What he was NOT willing to do however was lie to the people of Canad about the change, or to sit quietly in his position while federal cabinet ministers lied to the people of Canada about what the experts of Stats Can thought of the change. THAT's why he resigned. He was willing to let the government make what he thought was a stupid decision, he just wasn't willing to do that while the government publicly claimed that he didn't think the decision was stupid.

      • No, I think your impression is wrong. You`ve been getting your info from Wherry for too long.
        The whole lying to the people was just hype from the media-types in a slow summer.

        So Sheikh got caught up in the whole blitz and he figured —why not retire—he had been there 35 years.
        That`s OK—-sometime that`s the easiest way for change to happen.

        • I maintain that if Tony Clement had kept his big mouth shut, Munir Sheikh would still be Chief Statistician of Canada. He was willing to let them ruin the mandatory census if that's what the government wanted, he just wasn't willing to have it be painted as having been his idea.

          • I agree—Clement should have been more careful.

            He let his guard down and I don`t think he said that it was necessarily Sheikh`s idea but he should have known that in a slow summer, he has to be crystal clear or he`ll be miss con screwed.

        • LKO is right, you are almost certainly lying.

  5. During his temporary appointment, Smith should have just enough time to count his salary, one dollar at a time.

  6. More like; "found 33 million suckers". The pay is pretty excellent, given that your job is to sit by the phone and wait for the Dear Leader to tell you when to jump and how high. If the Dear Leader says that pi is equal to 3 because the Bible says so, then it must be true, facts be damned.

    • I know this is marginally ironic, but if you're attempting to quote the entire population, according to StatsCan it's 34,018,917.

      • It would have been really cool, and also ironic, if the population of Canada were 31,415,926.

        • I thought with rounding you would get to 31,415,927.